Google, Microsoft, Apple sued over preview icons

A Michigan-based networking company on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Google, Microsoft, and Apple alleging that all three tech giants violated a patent it owns on the use of document-preview icons--or thumbnails--in operating systems.

In the suit (PDF), Cygnus Systems targets Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Vista and Internet Explorer 8, and Apple's iPhone, Safari, and Mac OS X as patent infringers. Apple uses the patent-protected technology in its Finder and Cover Flow Mac OS X features, the lawsuit claims.

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Cajun Chicken3638d ago

I don't see that going very far.

gaffyh3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Yeh if this case is successful, every software company in the world could be sued.

ThanatosDMC3638d ago

How the patents work is really so screwed up sometimes.

mrdxpr23638d ago

these days companys love to sue big companys like sony,ms,apple,google etc

drdistracto7073638d ago

too bad the smaller company always loses, then again, they deserve to lose if they even attempted to go at all 3

lsujester3637d ago

I wouldn't say that. Often the smaller company just gets paid off to shut the eff up. That's a win in my book. LOL

Sarick3637d ago

The XMB has the video and image thumbnails inside it.

TheColbertinator3638d ago

Good luck to the people suing the big three.They wont last a second against the 600,000 high priced lawyers of Google,Apple and MS

TrevorPhillips3638d ago

thats there christmas presents getting sued lol

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