1UP: Yoshiki Okamoto Explains What's Up With Game Republic

1UP writes: "Sometimes when we do an interview, for one reason or another we sit on them until we're ready to unveil them to the world. Take our last interview with Game Republic founder, Yoshiki Okamoto, the man better known as one of the co-creators of the Street Fighter franchise (and a slew of classic Capcom franchises, like 1942), but who in recent years has been responsible for fan favorites like Genji, Folklore, and the latest Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Origins. We tossed that interview around for almost a year before we finally put it online. This time around, however, we're a little more timely with our latest Okamoto interview, which we conducted less than a couple months ago at Tokyo Game Show. It's great catching up to this guy, though. He's an energetic, animated, hilarious person to talk to, and despite his refreshing honesty, he never comes off as cocky, but sincere in his passion for making games. We took some time out of our busy TGS schedule to shoot over to Game Republic's offices to settle in with Okamoto, to catch up with him, and to see how he and Game Republic have been doing. What follows includes some potentially controversial subject material (spoilers!), but bear in mind that it was all tongue-in-cheek and said in good spirits. That said, to keep things in context, understand that this interview was conducted before Brash Entertainment went belly up, and shortly before Dragon Ball Origins was released. Also, the chat veers from game-related stuff into some seriously off-topic tangents, like marital advice. Despite this, we've decided to keep the entire, delirious interview intact, so, consider yourself warned."

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