Frictionless Insight : The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Review

Kyle Ackerman writes "Ah! To be a dwarf and reclaim the long lost halls of Khazad-dum, known to some as the mines of Moria. That's the fantasy of many a Tolkien-obsessed fan, and worth weeks of good fun even to those who can barely tell an elf from an orc. Lord of the Rings Online is already a stellar game, even for those who aren't deeply immersed in the world of Middle-earth, but for $40 you can now get into the original game (with the "Complete Edition") with one month's access (more requires an additional subscription) and be able to work your way up to entirely new (and underground) content. So even if you don't know Saruman from The Silmarillon, at least rent the recent films and jump into the game. If you are playing and haven't yet jumped into the hallowed halls of Khazad-dum, know that Mines of Moria is a particularly meaty expansion."

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