Top 10 Great Ideas in Gaming

NZGamer writes: "Just what is it that fuels the gaming industry? The cynic might say it's the bottom line, they might say it's units shifted or the end of quarter dividend. That's what the cynic might say. I say it's ideas. Good ideas, bad ideas, reworking old ideas, coming up with ideas so breathtakingly original that you call it Katimari and people just shrug and scratch their heads.

Here we present ten great ideas in gaming. They may not be the 10 best ideas in gaming, perhaps not the ideas that shifted the most units or the ideas that turned the industry on its head. These are the 10 ideas that we're simply happy that someone out there said, "How about we try this"."

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The PS3

Much more than a gaming console...

Peter Griffin3641d ago

10. Glitches: This always added an extra fun edge to a game that uve played the sh*t out of. It started losing its fun once ppl learn to exploit it (cough superbounce cough)

9. Gameshark: THE ORIGINAL DLC, this software made games into part 2's and 3's. ANyone who ever owned a GS knows what im talkin about. Oh how i wish i neva forget making Lara Croft fly and Carl Johnson jumo over buildings.

8. Multiple Endings: This is the grandson of replayabliity. This here is the original reason why we played games multiple times.

7. Unlocked Content: And this here is the son of replayability. Gettin that rocket launcher in RE2 from the the beginning of the game made u the Tyrant.

6. Achievement/Trophies: This is virtual crack.

5. The CD: The transition from cartridge to CD was unparallel. We all remember how beautiful FFVII's music sounded and that was thx to the everlasting Compact Disc.

4. 3d: Not that crap Sega CD attempted but beautiful 3d gfx from titles such as Nights or Soul Reaver. I cry to this day....oh Mario 64 how can i forget u?

3. NPC's: The most undermining and undderated aspect of the game, no one really cares for them much but we all can sit here and reflect on how important their irrelevance really is to us.

2. Cheat Codes: GS provided an almost modification to our games but CC is where the power lied in the controller and in the brain of the user. May infinite ammo neva leave us.

1. Fighting games: Nuff said. No matta how socially unaccepted u were in the world, here and only here, did u have the potential to be a God. Fighting games are the quinessential conflicting force btw gamers.