New 8-bit knockoffs of your favorite next-gen consoles now available

SlashGear writes: "Today seems to be all about the knockoffs and saving a few bucks here and there for the parents who do not have a clue what their kids are asking for. The latest of the cheap knockoffs to surface are of Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3."

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ReBurn3522d ago

I saw a Wii knockoff in a discount store for $35 this week. It boasted 16-bit graphics and stereo sound! I almost bought it, but then I remembered that I already had a Wii.

Heldrasil3522d ago

That actually made me laugh a bit.

meepmoopmeep3522d ago

a bit? don't you mean 8-bit?

ahahahaha... get it?


Heldrasil3522d ago

@ 1.2
LOL, ya...too bad it was too early for me to think that cleverly, until I have caffeine, I have no wit.

GameOn3522d ago

How much do they cost? 10,000 pieces? DEAL!

kesvalk3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

this thnks are hilarious...

some days ago i saw a n64 controlers with 9000 games!, almost brought it...

PirateThom3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

We had one of those.

9000 games is a blantant lie.

It's more like 30 games, with different variations of each (number of starting lives, difficulty, sometimes it's the same game with a different starting level, sometimes it's the same game with a different name on the game select screen).


Circus Charlie
Charlie Circus
Circus Charlie 2
Charlie Circus 2
Circus 2
Circus Adventure
Circus Adventure 2

WERE ALL THE SAME GAME! They didn't even have different amounts of lives or starting level, it was all just Circus Charlie.

It did have Super Mario Bros on it though.

TIKUP3522d ago

i soooooooooooo want one of those! :)

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