Musical review of Okami

TVGB: "I've heard of haiku game reviews, but the musical game reviews of Rebecca Mayes really elevate the weird artistry of expressing one's opinion via the interwebs to another level. After receiving more than 10,000 listens to her first song "Press A," which catalogues the relationship-rending dangers of playing WiiSports with your boyfriend, Mayes has returned to lyrically lambaste our favorite furry sun goddess in "I'm A Wolf.""

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Peter Griffin3637d ago

Okami's "Shinsuu Field" is amongst my top 5 gaming songs of all time

SaiyanFury3636d ago

Obviously this woman has the general public's ever shortening attention span. Okami is a large and long game and there are many things to do. Despite her personal criticism of the game, it was critically acclaimed around the world and just because it's steeped in Japanese mysticism is no reason to rag on it. The music in the game is beautiful and some of it is the best I've heard yet composed in a game. I can't think of a single reason to hate the game on a personal level. I think some people just have to find something wrong just because they can't accept something. Like the guy who couldn't find a legitimate reason to criticize Metal Gear Solid 4, so he went on and said that he hated the look of the bottles lying around the environments in MGS4. Not exactly a strong leg to stand on.

Ivix3636d ago

@1.1 Calm down, please. It was a cute, funny little song and I did find the game to get a little boring by the end, although I love it overall.