30° Fable 2 Review

The original Fable was a truly great game that sadly never lived up to the overwhelming hype from the community or the promises of the developer. It still made for a thoroughly enjoyable play from start to finish but never achieved the vision Molyneaux intended. Fable 2 fares far better than the original, making great strides towards becoming that fully-realized vision.

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imbethshusband3615d ago

I have played fable 2 from beginning to end. It is a bigger world than fable 1. And there are more things to keep you occupied but since the way the game ends being very weak id say fable 1 is a better game. In fable 1 you fight a giant dragon. What do you fight at the end of fable 2? Im sorry but I was disappointed with fable 2 it just didn't live upto my expectations.