Bungie: Halo 3: ODST Concept Art

Bungie writes: "The studio is closed for the holidays, so we're not able to inject the Weekly What's Update with the overly sweet, cream filling of verbiage you've gotten so accustomed to. To make it up to you, we've got some select Halo 3: ODST Concept Art to satisfy that sweet tooth. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Scroll down for a hundred thousand. "

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N4PS3G3643d ago

this and the armors concept look [email protected] indeed! Those guys got talent!

Shadow Man3641d ago

ODST has better graphics than Halo 3. Please!!

MastaGT3641d ago

It's using the same engine as halo 3.
but i suppose the inner workings..such as the scenery and what goes on could be improved, why not?

halo 3 looks phenomenal. In it's own art style.
I'd take halo 3's beautiful colors and gradual detail over anything anyday.

It's the kind of game to immerse you into this world..this beautifully crafted made up world.

sick and tired of too many titles trying to imitate real life as possible as it can.

Whatever happened to imagination now a days?!

ambientFLIER3641d ago

Whatever, dork, Halo 3 had great graphics.

LittleBigKillzone3641d ago

But i feel sorry for you 360 fans next year. True true you might say "just wait until 2009 and MS will announce the good titles" honestly what good titles do they have left?! Gears 2 already out, Fable 2 already out, new banjo game came out and flopped big time, all you guys get is a Halo spin off RTS and a Halo expansion pack?! Oh and im talking about exclusives.

You guys might make fun of sony for showing games 2 years in advance but atleast PS3 owners can rest easy at night knowing they have all these great titles just sitting in the bank so to speak and they will release soon enough and be awesome..

for example PS3 owners can rest easy at night knowing Killzone 2, Infamous, Heavy Rain and God of war 3 and even possible GT5 will be out next year oh and White knight chronicles.. All those titles alone are more than worth the get by 2009.. multiplat titles like RE5, COD Modern warfare 2, Street fighter 4 etc are just icing on the cake for us PS3 owners

3641d ago
Sonyslave33641d ago

i could sworn u said the same thing about 08 and u look stun stupid and amaze how 360 outsold the ps3 in 08 going by sdf is the year of ps3 and guess what ms did it with out a halo wow

DJ3641d ago

PS3's still ahead for the fiscal year. Both in hardware and software. It's not much of a lead due to Microsoft's well positioned price cuts, but still shows healthy progress of Sony's platform. Almost every publisher is reporting PS3 as their main source of profit, which is great news for Sony. Success encourages even more success.

joebahrjoebahr3641d ago

you have problems if video games make you rest easier at night

OOG3641d ago

dude you are a fool.....stupid wannabe gamers..

Maybe you should go see somebody if you cant sleep because of your video games you weirdo....

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