Media Molecule Addresses LBP Sales, Sequels, and IP Infringement

1UP writes: "The Little Big Planet team addressed some of the biggest little issues facing the game in an interview with IGN, from copyright infringement to talk of a sequel. Despite reportedly slow sales, Media Molecule is optimistic about their numbers so far. "There's all these different reasons that you could be disappointed with the sales and look at it that way, or you can say we kept pace with the Fallouts, etc," said Media Molecule's Alex Evans. "Every other game that we were keeping pace with was a third or fourth iteration, and this is our first one." David Smith from MM said they'll be consistently releasing packs like the recent Metal Gear Solid themed, so "every few months this thing improves so it stays visible and people stay excited."
This led to the talk of a sequel, and in direct contrast to reports, the developer is shying away from a follow-up right now, at least publicly. "When I told people we're not going to do a sequel, they thought that we were lowering our support for it," said Evans. "A new way of answering that question is that we're putting all the creative ambition of a sequel in, but we might not end up calling it a sequel."

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DiabloRising3637d ago

My number one hope for LBP2?

More complex enemy types. IE - Evil Sackboys. Characters you program to do simple routines as obstacles in levels. I think that right there would be a significant upgrade to the series.

mr_potato3637d ago

Yea that cant fit into a new pack for sure lets buy a new 60 dollar game.

DiabloRising3637d ago

Hell, if they can make it a DL pack, I'm all for it!

Cajun Chicken3637d ago

Being able to set Crash Bandicoot like camera changes/angles. More depth.

Elimin83637d ago

They fix the servers or what ever is causing the online issues... lags a lot.

DaTruth3637d ago

The online in this game is absolutely stupid and unplayable. Every time someone joins a game with me I can't wait for them to leave.

jaysquared3637d ago

I thought PSN doesn't lagg because of its dedicated servers? Also please don't complain about a FREE SERVICE!! Its free so don't complain!

Monkey5213637d ago

The PSN doesn't lag, the game's servers lag. If the PSN lagged, that would mean that every game you played would end up unstable and unplayable. It's up to the developers to stabilize the servers.

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TheColbertinator3637d ago

It sold well for a new IP.Surprised it got past 500K

I have Valkyria Chronicles and Mirrors Edge.I enjoyed them but the sales of ME and VC were dysmal.

Liquid Snake3637d ago

Steven are you banned from the Gamer Zone or something? Sensisble comments like that go in the gamer zone lol.

TheColbertinator3637d ago

Same question.Same response.

I love the Open Zone.Its the circus of n4g with clowns and monkeys spouting hilarious nonsense.And I just come here for the lulz.

MURKERR3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

im happy lbp sales are steady and constantly in the top 10 rather than a huge burst of sales and then out of the top 10 and off the radar like other recent high profile games recently.

tatotiburon3637d ago

well if that game in only one month sold more units than any other high profile game in their lifetime well it doesn't matter that the sale drop fast

candystop3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

That's just retarded and nothing more then a hater comment. Don't be jealous of other games that sold much more because your games can't seem to get off the ground in comparison. sheesh

Edit: Oh and bring the disagree's because you don't like the truth lol.

DaTruth3637d ago

I think a developer would enjoy his game selling the most no matter how it happens.

Liquid Snake3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Wow, Xbox Defence Force finaly didn't write something bad about LBP.

PS: this is a joke. Haha funny, get it?

tatotiburon3637d ago

MM bring us new multiplataform games and you'll see real good profit

PirateThom3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

I'm sure they will... after their three deal game with Sony expires.

Then they can lose all the funding of Sony and probably make LESS profit due to publishing costs/multiplatform development costs.

Liquid Snake3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Media Molecule first came to Microsoft with their idea of LBP and Microsoft didn't want them and gave them the royal kick up the arse. Sony on the other hand loved their idea.

You had your chance, or still can if you buy a PS3.

Pedobear3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Ha of course microsoft didnt want Littlebigplanet. They are communists and dont want anyone to have the ablity to create thier own content in games.

DiabloRising3637d ago

(Insert 3rd Party Company Name here) bring us new multiplataform games and you'll see real good profit

TrooGamer3637d ago

Ok well as stated Microsoft blew it so as long a Sony support them amd the ake money for Sony Microsoft may never get a game from MM.

Dont get why 360 always want PS3 games?? Hmm weird lol

candystop3637d ago

Both companies copy each other so get over your arrogant pathetic azz.

xlx-russ_923637d ago

wierd i know. i thought ps3 has no games. / sarcasm

CViper3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

8 are on PC, and 2 are on the PS3.

And as far as the generic "Both companies copy" line.. uhm...
I dont see sony buying/associating themselves with 360 "exclusives" like:

You're In The Movies
(constant hopes for MGS4 lol 9 disc version)

The 360's entire lineup in 08/09 is most buzzed because it got a PS brand associated title. Yes, all companies borrow ideas, but MS just plain does it in front of everyone and boasts about doing so, while providing absolutely no new gaming experiences for its audience.You don't see Sony fans crying about Multiplats all day on N4G either. Just.. the others.

Sony lifts Microsofts interaction with the console XBLvsPSN, but thats inevitable. Gamers always want- Custom music/communication like the PC has had for years. But MS definitely lifts sonys GAMING.

To me, there is a difference between copying functionality, and just copying GAMES. But hey, im a ps3 fan.. so that makes me stupid.


PotNoodle3637d ago

Still being the small team they are most likely will be snapped up totally by sony to become a first party studio. If not then at least 2nd party.

thenickel3637d ago

Being a PS3 fan doesn't make you stupid but being a fanboy does. You see whatever MS does you will always find a way to hate them which makes you non selectable in the console war jury. I come to this site every so often to find a comment that isn't biased from personal prefence and end up leaving here with disgust for spoiled children with no manners. If you hate 360 fine that's you but I can assure you many hate the PS3 as well and hopefully at one point you grow up.

robert02673637d ago

or you could just get a ps3.little big planet is worth it.

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