Gamespot's 2008 Game of the Year - Metal Gear Solid 4

All of this extraordinary gameplay and storytelling is wrapped in an exceptional technical shell, delivering an immersive experience brimming with heartfelt emotion. If there is one game you will remember in 2008, when the lights are dimmed and the curtains close, it will be Metal Gear Solid 4. Even in one of the greatest years ever for video games, its compelling action, moving story, and stunning visuals bring the series to a haunting close and will rightfully join the ranks of one of the greatest games ever made.

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ConanOBrien3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

See..I told you!! The only popular media that picks MGS4 for GOTY08 is Gamespot, nothing else.

TOO PAWNED3311d ago

This is what i want from sites, give me explanation WHY is some game GOTY, don't just go GTA4, that's it.
X-play had poor explanation why they gave it to something like Fable 2, on other hand guys from on GameSpot were SPOT ON on every single word and you just felt it with them WHY MGS4 is best game of 08. Well deserved, it's masterpiece.

Nathan Drake3311d ago

I came in here just to :D !!!!!!!

geda3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

great work, detective... i'm sure if gears something else had won you would have readily admitted your incorrect prediction. right?

gamesmaster3311d ago

well fkn deserved, gamespot isnt my favorite site on the net but its nice to see some credit for Kojimas work. although they are very differant games i feel mgs4 was a much better experience than gtaIV or any of the other releases.

BattleAxe3311d ago

MGS 4 is the best single player experience ever. Glad to see Gamespot actually has good taste.

Danja3311d ago

thats right bots..Cry On...XD

red5ive3311d ago

.. i don't understand. O_o

2EXS3311d ago

watching this video of MGS4 left me speechless, this is what a game of the year should be like.
I'm just sad that because of some ppl hating the PS3, would not be able to enjoy this awesome game. Kudos to gamespot

pixelsword3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

...Their opinion doesn't matter to me.

Not a jot.

Granted, they explained themselves well, but they have a tendency to be "bought", so until they purge themselves of that taint, their motives-- and reasoning-- will always be suspect.

thereapersson3311d ago

They can't. It was cancelled, remember? lol...

evrfighter3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

This is the same gamespot that fires its writers if the publishers dont like the scores they give right? I'm in no way, shape or form implying that that a few ads will net a game goty...However

Is a pixelated award enough to make most of you guys suddenly do an about face and embrace gamespot with open arms? I'm suddenly beginning to understand why mediocre shooters sell so well on consoles. (not a knock on metal gear as I love the franchise myself I just don't consider it a shooter)

jwatt3311d ago

I was actually getting ready to have another go with MGS4!

pswi603311d ago

This is the same Gamespot that is owned by CBS/Viacom, who have a $500 million content deal with Microsoft.


Maybe they are just trying to be honest for once.

sak5003310d ago

Admins are on vacation i guess, danja's comment shud be in open zone and banned from here

kindi_boy3310d ago

bubbles to everyone!!!!

jammy_703310d ago

though i do think GTA4 is an easy opition for sites to pick (duno y just is) but MGS4 is the real winner we all no it!

CloudsEnd3310d ago




Rhoic3308d ago

MGS4 is a pretty damn good game.

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Batzi3311d ago

MGS4 deserves it!! Congratulations to Kojima and Kojima Productions.

theEnemy3311d ago

wins in user voting and editor voting.

Isn't it clear that the game deserves the GotY Award than anything else?

I Pity those who doesn't have a PS3.

Be a good boy so your parents will buy you one. Cause this game won't be coming to your favorite console.



infamousinfolite3310d ago

MGS4 came to my favorite console...

G Man3311d ago

This is probably the only GOTY award that this game will ever see. With games like Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4 dominating the GOTY lists, MGS4 doesn't have any chance at all. Hell, even Fable 2 is getting more awards.

Why o why3311d ago

chill out man its just the game of the year.

doshey3311d ago

wow ur clueless aint u g man

ViceKingz3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

feeble 2 won one or two awards...MGS4 has like...what 5 so far? maybe you should learn to count before you attempt to troll

poeo3311d ago

lmao what a bitter man.

red5ive3311d ago

you say "fact" yet you say "probably" in your comment. fail. fail......... fail.

predatorV4G3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Fallout 3 got 8 from most websites

Level 5 already awarded GOTY to MGS4

IGN will do the same too.

Fallout 3 wont get GOTY from any site

LBP has got GOTY award from 13 sites already

MazzingerZ3311d ago

IGN will also give GOTY to MGS4....the only AAA game this year that didn't need a patch, flawless from day one. Perfect.

Only game that would get a 10/10 again if reviewers were forced to review all those games again

Rhoic3310d ago

"MGS4 has a higher metacritic rating that Fallout 3 --a garbage game...Fable 2 is not an AAA -89% at meta"

You failed when you stated this rofl..

"the only AAA game this year that didn't need a patch, flawless from day one. Perfect."

It did get a patch XD

infamousinfolite3310d ago

"the only AAA game this year that didn't need a patch, flawless from day one. Perfect."

"It did get a patch XD"

To go in detail my friend, the SINGLE player didn't need a patch because it was and is still flawless in that part of the game. On the other hand, the MULTIPLAYER did needed patches. If you can clearly see, the multiplayer and single player modes are not the same they're are in two different departments. Admittingly, the multiplayer was bleh but ok as far as multiplayer games goes, but it was the signing in that gave players a different view of the multiplayer mode and saw that it needed some patches.

Rhoic3308d ago

That is horrible logic. Gears of War 2's single-player and co-op campaign does not need a patch.. the game is amazing. The Multi-player however needs patches. Does that make it a perfect game? I didn't think so. MGS4 is not a perfect game if even ONE thing in it needs a patch.. Hell it's not even a perfect game if the framerate drops.

Perfection is, broadly, a state of completeness and flawlessness.

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tatotiburon3311d ago

Congrats to MGS4, the funny is that Droids were bashing gamespot all over the year hahahah and in the end gamespot was the only big gamer site that gave GOTY award to MGS4 hahahahaha....Now tell me droids, now you love gamespot?? they are not biased any more?? hahahahah

SonySoldiers3311d ago

You'll see droids are willing to kiss Gamespot ass, just because.

I lol'd so hard

Why o why3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

gamespot will have to do a lot more for me and many others to fully trust them again. Ill acknowledge their reasons for giving the GOTY to MGS4 EVEN if their decision is contrived. The fact is I and many others agree with their decision. So no we dont love gamespot now you numpty, why do you hate them now?......No so give it a rest and borrow a ps3 to go play the real game of the year;)

They are trying to make an effort, maybe but only the blind and the foolish couldn't recognise that they were on their 'home teams' side

BLUR1113310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

it does deserve it.

Sergeant Osiris3310d ago

it's more like gamespot has seen the writing on the wall for the 360 and are trying to get back on Sony's good side. We'll see how many of these "sites" scramble once M$ throws in the towel and dries up the fanboy slush fund.

REDZEV3310d ago

That Mgs4 fits the Movie of the year catergory, not Game of the Year. Your eating popcorn more than your pressing any buttons when your playing it, urrr I mean watching it. Lol

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