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Let Us Mourn The Passing Of Yet Another Kotaku Xbox 360

I honestly couldn't put an exact number on it, but I'm pretty sure we're at 12+ broken Xbox 360s here. And counting. I say counting because yesterday, we lost another.

While billions across the planet were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ yesterday, I instead spent the day mourning a death, as my little beige box uttered its last, gasping breath. What's most sad is not the loss itself; it's that it couldn't go out in glory, a fiery RROD flashing across its face like a middle finger extended from beyond the grave. (Culture, Tech, Xbox 360)

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ukilnme  +   2525d ago
That just sucks and is exactly why I recommended a PS3 over Xbox 360 to a guy at Best Buy on Christmas Eve.
HighDefinition  +   2525d ago
That`s wierd......
ukilnme  +   2525d ago
LOL, yeah I know. Don't consider me a convert though. I had to be honest with myself and that guy. I was willing to take a chance on the 360 mostly because I like Halo, Gears and Ninja Gaiden and I have no regrets about it. Weighing things strictly on a hardware basis, with a 33% failure rate there was just no way I could recommend a 360 over a PS3. Taste in games is completely subjective so I did not bring those up other than recommending the Uncharted Bundle.

@ Why o why

LOL, he would have a hard time finding me considering I don't work there.
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Why o why  +   2525d ago
top man
honesty is the best policy. It would of been easier to tell him to get a 360 if you were selling over the phone but recommending a 360 face to face would of been bare faced lying....He would of come back 4 ya. He still might, just with a smile on his face
LoVeRSaMa  +   2525d ago
kotaku is a 360 Graveyard i sware..

Yet they have to Cheek to insult PS3 every possible Artical.
BattleAxe  +   2525d ago
I own 2 60 gig PS3s and I couldn't belive it when I got the Yellow Light of Death on the first one I bought almost 2 years ago(1 year and 10 months). This just happened 3 days ago.

Luckly I bought the extended 3 year warranty from Future Shop. I was telling some of my friends about this and they were like" whats the Yellow Light of Death?" lol
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StephanieBBB  +   2525d ago
Can't believe how they bend over and proudly wait for more.
Seriously If this happens to the Xbox720 im gonna go Madworld on Microsoft and every executive working there.

This is NOT! acceptable.
factory  +   2525d ago
LoVeRSaMa  +   2525d ago

you need games?

you need to take CAPSLOCK off, thats what you Need.
Why o why  +   2525d ago
'LOL, he would have a hard time finding me considering I don't work there.'
Ha Ha.....owned ;) but if you did ud probably tell him the same thing
proArchy  +   2525d ago
It just baffles me how Microsoft can continually drop the price of the 360 and yet this plague endures. It seems to me that they would be doing their fans and consumers a giant favor by producing more reliable hardware and only then focusing on price cuts. While the RROD frequency has decreased (or at least the frequency of which people talk about it has decreased) over the last months hardware failure STILL HAPPENS TOO MUCH. Consumers are far too complacent to buy a product that has a large chance of breaking down. It is not only a consumer's right to demand more reliable products, it is their RESPONSIBILITY! This isn't hate speech to Microsoft, this is hate speech to unreliable products. Do your best not to buy televisions, cars, phones, video game systems, or anything that breaks down frequently. It is your responsibility to make sure your money is spent on reliable, worthwhile products and no one else's. The 360 has a proven history of failure and Microsoft has seen that the majority of consumers are more concerned about price than quality. Nothing will change if we don't change the way we evaluate the spending of our dollar, which in a 'free' market is our one and only voice that reaches the manufacturers.
Danja  +   2525d ago
lets take a brief moment to mourn the 1 millionth 360 to have died in 2008 ...
CViper  +   2525d ago
Kotaku is like a trashy wife that keeps getting beat by her husband, but stays with him because
she LOVES him.

food 4 thought.
KidMakeshift  +   2525d ago
All I have to say is buy a 2+ yr warranty

I'm on my 4th 360, but I just have to go to Best Buy and swap it. Plus, I get money back each time because the console is always going down in price
moja  +   2525d ago
ukilnme, so true. I read your story in the other thread, and I agree. As hard as it would be to not suggest the 360 for the games, I would feel compelled to do the same. Luckily, I've only lost one box (so far?), and it was a bummer, but it made me get more acquainted and appreciative for the neglected black box. Both can be great experiences, but I even use my PS3 for media playing duties on the home network.
Saint Sony  +   2525d ago
What comes to Kotaku, I just hope the next 360 will explode so badly there is no Kotaku anymore.
For some odd reason I don't like Kotaku.
psnDevistator356  +   2525d ago
made in Mexico!!!
ultimolu  +   2524d ago
I guess this is why I'm on/off about buying a 360.
I actually git a PSP with Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, and Patapon instead of that system.

I won't deny that the 360 has some great software going for it but who wants to risk buying a faulty console?
power of Green  +   2524d ago
Either these guys are exposing these units in unnatural environments or they are making up stories for hits. lol

His "supposed" new 360's are not breaking left and right(unless he's pooring water in them or putting them in the oven)
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2525d ago
Kotaku-taking a dump on the internet,one useless article at a time
Obama  +   2525d ago
12 xbox360? Some dedicated bots they are.
ukilnme  +   2525d ago
Indeed they are. Just as mindless as droids it would seem.
Xlll  +   2525d ago
Only thing is no one goes thru 12 PS3's. Sorry there is not defending hardware as rushed and cheaply made as the 360.
ukilnme  +   2525d ago
@ Xlll

I can't argue with that. No way in hell I can do 3 let alone 12.
phosphor112  +   2525d ago
No one I know has gone through more than 1 ps3. 1 got the Yellow HDD light of death, but it was replaced for free (had warranty on it). They actually got him a different 60 gig version (since that was his original kind). Works perfectly now.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2524d ago
You're calling Kotaku droids? Seriously? Nobody's had more anti-PS3 articles than these guys. Believe me.

They just have multiple 360's and one of them breaks every once in awhile.
tatotiburon  +   2525d ago
jesus, that's why i helped various customers to pick a xbox 360 with jasper board, now they are trully happy customers
CryofSilence  +   2525d ago
There's still no evidence, as far as I've seen, that the Jasper fixes the RRoD. We'll find out soon enough. However, your intentions are good. /salute
tatotiburon  +   2525d ago
well the evidence is that falcon boards were very reliable and jasper are so much better, so....
strotee  +   2525d ago
Please point me to this evidence you claim exists.
tatotiburon  +   2525d ago
well all this news about xbox 360 with RROD are consoles from early 2007, and xbox 360 with falcon board were shipped since sept of 2007. The falcon board were so reliable that microsoft started to ship falcon boards for warranty to xbox 360 without HDMI, this consoles weren't for sale, just for warranty replacement.

There is so many consoles out there from 2006 or 2007 that still running but they will get the RROD eventually from oldest customers or ignorant people that bought a old console without checking first. This consoles are the ones that you read all over the internet.
Cerbus  +   2525d ago
So sorry....
SO sorry to burst your bubble but word from El Paso where I know several ppl who work at the factory that replaces broken xboxs is that Jasper and Falcon are coming in just as much as the older models.
Why o why  +   2525d ago
way to sh!t on the people not looking for the small print on the box they had no chance of choosing or ones not born with x-ray vision. The point is its not fixed and if it continues into year 4 the 360 will be a considered more of a technological disgrace with great games and pioneering online service. MS are better of calling the new versions john, peter or paul because because only god himself knows how they haven't fixed this yet.
Max Power  +   2525d ago
aren't you...
upset that Microsoft had to come up with several different chip sets to solve a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place?
dantesparda  +   2525d ago
Tato is a complete and utter moron. He is such a fanboy that he cant see the truth, he must be really young. Well he's gonna get what he deserves when his 360 breaks down. Me on the other hand, i am not so lucky, because i know how unreliable their products are, but what can i do? Im on my 5th 360 and will never pay a dime to have it fixed, once i am out of warranty, that is it! i am done with the 360 at that point! (sh!t, i barely even play it now as it is). But as long as i can get it fixed for free, what else would i do but have it replaced. Even though, i do consider the whole process a painn in the @ss. And guess what Tato, the last 360 that broke down on me was a Falcon. I could even have a Jasper right now for all i know. But i will tell you this, this system has already red ringed on me twice since i got it back, but luckily it still works. But i know that the reality is that its just a ticking time bomb waiting to break down and that time will come soon enough
Sarcasm  +   2525d ago
"ignorant people that bought a old console without checking first"

So a product has a 33% failure rate and it's the "ignorant people" who buy it?

As much as I think people shouldn't be "ignorant" when shopping and do their research, it still doesn't justify a high failure rate on a product.
ultimolu  +   2524d ago
Unless there is evidence that the Jasper model fixes the RROD...I'm not taking chances.

As much as I'd like to play Ninja Blade if it's good.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2524d ago
The Jasper board has shown no improvement over the Falcon.

These things are still frying, man. What made you think they're not?
gamesmaster  +   2525d ago
Anybody would think they sabotage their consoles to boost microsofts sales. (just poking fun)
rhood022  +   2525d ago
No joke, but I believe the idea of planned obsolescence has taken on a whole new level in this ongoing saga of death.

I mean, HOW many people before the $1 billion RR-Bailout opted for the fee of replacing their console?

Of those who went through the "sending their console to MS" only to have it RROD on them again, how many said "f*ck it!" and just bought a new console?

If even 10% of those who fell within the 33% failure rate bought new consoles, that is still a load of "sold" consoles added to the MS tally.
divideby0  +   2525d ago
I am on my third 360.

MS pulled off the biggest rip off of gamers with known faulty hardware in video gamming history. Than openly lied about it...

amazing...just makes those who defended MS and the early 360s look silly now
Hutch2355  +   2525d ago
So my ps1 that broke and cost 75 bucks to replace, and then broke again, oh and yeah the three ps2's that I went through. ONly microsoft does this, yeah right, I still have my original bought from day one. Sat outside my local best buy for 17 hours. IF you actually have 3-5 360's you are the idiot. Fool you once shame on them, fool you twice shame on you.
CViper  +   2525d ago
Hutch, your logic is severely flawed.
The ps1, and ps2 had normal failure rates. Even if your story is true, its withing normal hardware failings. You seemed unlucky in that case.Kotaku has had 15 360's die. Everyone here has had 1 or 4 360's die on them. Microsoft lies about the failure rate.Every 360 breaks eventually due to RROD.PS2's can still be purchased that run better than a 360 ever will.Sony fixed the PS2.

Microsoft still hasn't fixed the 360. In year 3 after SEVERE hardware problems. Not the few ps1's and PS2's.Microsoft is the only company in gaming history that has a console with a beyond 30% failure rate, and replaces your broken console with anotherone. Sony didn't do that. Neither did Nintnendo, Sega, Pansaonic. Only M$. And M$ even has people defending them! lol.

Its 2008 going on 2009. Microsoft is trying to pawn off the 360 as an all in one media device. Too bad you can't even leave it on, or play it.
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Rhoic  +   2525d ago
"and ps2 had normal failure rates"

Did you poke the memory section of your brain with a stick? The first 4 years of the PS2 had some hardware issues, and they were ABOVE average. Not only that, but Sony then stated that it wasn't their fault and forced people to pay $150 for repairs when they shipped it in. At least MS repairs it for free and are still constantly working on it.

Also, leaving the 360 on was a stupid act from fanboys.. I can leave my console on for 12 hours straight and nothing goes wrong.
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ultimolu  +   2524d ago
You know, people like you piss me off Rhoic. How is it that the original XBox was built like a tank and now the 360 has this many problems?

How do you people sit there and justify this? And then when people mention it, you drag the PS2 in this? I do recall that Sony actually fixed the problem with the PS2 after the courtcase.

Abd just because yours is still working, doesn't mean there weren't other problems for people.

And look at those disagrees when I said I bought a PSP instead because I'm on/off about buying a PS3.

I am not a stupid consumer. I like things to work when I buy them.
Rhoic  +   2523d ago
I'm flattered that you acknowledge me. What you fail to realize is that MS is trying to fix this.. they have been since what? 2005-2006? They then spend $1 billion for a 3 year warranty for everyone so it can at least tie them over while they CONTINUE to fix it. Point being? Get over it.. the fact that you constantly say that you're going to buy a 360 for it's games, and then gripe about stupid things like how the console now has a 11-15% of breaking down, EVEN THOUGH you can simply send it in with no fees, and have it returned within about a week, pisses ME off. Oh, and the original Xbox had it's fair share of issues as well. The one I own doesn't play discs anymore.. you know, like my freaking PS2. The one that Sony is going to force me $150 to repair.
ultimolu  +   2522d ago
They're trying and they're failing.

Disagrees doesn't change what I've observed concerning the 360.
Rhoic  +   2522d ago
They're obviously not failing.. the failure rate has dropped by like 20%. That's an improvement to me, and they're still dishing out money to fix it. Which is another thing that pisses me off. Because people say they don't care, yet their using tons of money for the console. And you still need to NOT GIVE A DAMN. The only person who would actually care that their console breaks down even though they can get it repaired within a week for FREE and still have a 3 year warranty, is just trying to get attention. "But the convenience that I don't have it a week makes it worth noting!" No. Someone complaining and getting attention makes it worth noting.
farhsa2008  +   2525d ago
two words: Nintendo, Sony!
Beg For Mercy  +   2525d ago
why are droids mindless cause they dont listen to the bias media who say ps3 has no games and all ps3 games are mediocre blu-ray looks the same as dvd etc you get my point
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Why o why  +   2525d ago
dont forget
blu ray is dead, hddvd will win, too much variety etc, ;)
TheColbertinator  +   2525d ago
If a console keeps breaking it down,why should you buy another one? It merely supports shoddy construction.I did not buy another PS1 and PS2 after they both broke down and same goes for my 360,Wii or PS3.
ukilnme  +   2525d ago
I wish I could say the same. It will all depend on the level of investment for me. The Wii is the only one I would not replace at this point.
cereal_killa  +   2525d ago
Steven Colbert

Didn't you say you already had a RROD so it's ok to support Faulty hardware as long as its replaced for free but if you have to pay to be fixed you will never buy another system from that company?
Revvin  +   2525d ago
I went through two RROD's but fortunately for me they were inside 12 months of purchase so I took them back to the shop and saved myself the headache of dealing with Microsoft's terrible customer support. The third 360 was traded in for a PS3. I had more brand loyalty to the XBOX range as I owned the original XBOX which I chose over the PS2 but enough is enough. I see people talking in forums of buying second or third 360's as back-up's and I just can't believe people are so willing to throw away money, no wonder 360 sales are doign so well when you consider the ammount of sales generated from gamers who just can't wait to get the 360 back from repair or want to bypass it altogether. I'm not a Sony fanboy either because the same goes for the PS3, if that lets me down then I'm not going to give Sony more of my hard earned money by buying a second unit, thats just ridiculous

I'm glad I made the switch to the PS3 because I discovered some great exclusives because other than a PSP this is the first Playstation I've owned, that doesn't mean I'd never buy another XBOX product again but Microsoft have a mountain to climb to rebuild faith in their brand for this gamer.
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TIKUP  +   2525d ago
unlucky i am a proud owner of all 3 consoles and i have gone through 3 xbxox 360s! I now buy my multiplatform games for my ps3 :)
MaximusPrime  +   2525d ago
*bow my head, removing my hat*

this is my 33 millionth time, showing my respect to xbox 360 owners.
jack who  +   2525d ago
R.I.P time to go look for Jasper
Bathyj  +   2525d ago
Yes, the the attitude. I've finished wiping my arse, time to buy more toilet paper.

Consoles are not, disposable items. Stop defending this crap like its ok.
mercenarie  +   2525d ago
I feel their pain
2 days ago after receiving Resistance 2 and unlocking a trophy my PS3 froze so i restarted it and my games wouldn't load. I left it off to cool for 10-15 minutes and my game wouldn't read after turning it on. Nervously i put in a music CD, nothing.. blu ray movie and nothing. I bought this damn expensive console on the 28th of December 2007 and it died on me Dec 23rd 2008 days before the warranty would expire December 28th 2008. Luckily for me i reported this to SONY and their sending out the service box. It should arrive here in a day or so. The XBOX 360 problems usually get plastered all over the homepages of major gaming websites but the PS3 hardly ever gets the front page. I'm praying this problem doesn't become widespread like the PLAYSTATION 2 disc read error problem that i also experienced. NOTE i have never owned an xbox or xbox 360. After the release of the PS1 i have always bought SONY so i am not a troll or a fanboy of the other box.
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Max Power  +   2525d ago
i got one of those....
DRE on my first generation PS2...7 Years after getting it.
patterson  +   2525d ago
Shame on you for lying
Now go to the principals office.
hfaze  +   2525d ago
I have seen postings talking about issues with the Blu-Ray drive (either the spindle doesn't spin, or the laser diode burns out), and I'm having a little bit of an issue with my 80GB Motorstorm bundle PS3 not recognizing Blu-Ray discs, but will play DVD's and CD's with no problems.

With mine, running a DVD lens cleaner disc through it will fix the issue for a little bit, but I think it will take a thorough cleaning to resolve (mine is just outside of the 1 year warranty, and I don't want to potentially give up PS2 BC...).

The PS3 does have its share of issues, but they are nowhere near as wide-spread as the 360's issues.
Beg For Mercy  +   2525d ago
such a shame you people are ok with the 360 breaking down, oh well ill just go get a jasper it just irritates me
jack who  +   2525d ago
if only you know why the 360 dies......heres a hint: tooo much gaming on a system that runs VERY HOT :)

edit:if only ms didnt cheap out on the sirdaing
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Xlll  +   2525d ago
Then what do you have to say to those people who got RRoD a minute and a half into the 360's life span? Someone should have told MS that its a console not a space heater.
Max Power  +   2525d ago
what the hell is...
sirdaing? do you mean soldering?
jack who  +   2525d ago
yes thank you... wht was i thinking.

anyone's 360(new not refub) dies a min and half into its life span = lieing or really REALLLLLYY bad luck
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SixAmpFuze  +   2525d ago
12+ come on . what are they doing to their 360's
rhood022  +   2525d ago
Pressing the power button?
Parapraxis  +   2525d ago
Playing them? :P
beavis4play  +   2525d ago
playing games with them? just a guess....lol
Parapraxis  +   2525d ago
Oh wait, this is Kotaku...
I change my guess to "making love to them"
beavis4play  +   2525d ago
from the article:
"a fiery RROD flashing across its face like a middle finger extended from beyond the grave."

classic line.
OSIRUSSS  +   2525d ago
Newsflash 360 owners!!!! The RRoD jokes will continue as long as this keeps up.
hotrider12  +   2525d ago
13 360's
why?? why would someone send their 360 to MS 13 times and only get RROD 13 times. hell, after the first one I would have bought a ps3
#19 (Edited 2525d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
rhood022  +   2525d ago
Because human beings are experts at justifying all sorts of actions and consequences using the most meager and often self-serving of reasons.

In this case the usual argument is:

"Well, the games and LIVE justify the constant need to send in my console."


"Once (insert new motherboard name) hits, RROD will be a thing of the past."
jack who  +   2525d ago
"the problems primarily on the use of the wrong type of lead-free solder, a type that when exposed to elevated temperatures for extended periods of time becomes brittle and can develop hair-line cracks that are almost irreparable.[26] "

keep in mind the 360 can get well over 118-degrees Fahrenheit..cheap solder FTW!!
patterson  +   2525d ago
If there is ONE thing that Microsoft has learned from this gen...
Is that consumers will take it with the right amount of lube.

I swear, I just don't understand how some of these people keep coming back to it when they know what's going to happen sooner than later.

Shameless masochism, battered wife syndrome, what is this?
Official General  +   2525d ago
@ patterson - LMAO!!!!!!!
"consumers will take it with the right amount of lube"

And by "take it", I imagine you mean up da @ass! LOL!!!!!
Microsoft just tells their customers to shut up, bend over and take what they are given! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!!!! !!
#21.1 (Edited 2525d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Kyur4ThePain  +   2525d ago
Bweep! Bweep! Bweep!
Defense shield up! Denial sequence activated!
SarcasticBastard  +   2525d ago
let us all join hands and sing kumbaya to the great company microsoft for providing us all with a fine luxurious console with built in wifi,bluetooth,hard disc drives,free online,bluray player and most of all reliabilty....
#23 (Edited 2525d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Magic_The_Celt  +   2525d ago
FantasyStar  +   2525d ago
I call BS on this article. Why no pictures? Or any witty anecdotes? I sense an attention-whore at work.
ZombieButcher  +   2525d ago
No Video
My elite was over 1 year old and the Video out put went out. Couldnt get hd or Sd tried hdmi/component/composite and PC to no avail. I traded in all my games and peripherals and got$600 credit at GS I am glad I had the ps3 cause I won't be getting another 360. 1x is all it took
ll_UNDERSCORE_ll  +   2525d ago
As a consumer I do my research on the stuff I buy. I'll admit at one point I was considering buying the 360 back in 2006. Maybe because of the hype and mass marketing in north america about it. I'm very glad I bought the PS3 instead. One thing I have to add is, its funny how MS just stopped supporting the original xbox like a bad habit. While the PS2is still selling enough to even be considered on NPD charts to date.
Rs  +   2525d ago
Now I know where all the 27mil sales number are coming from.
12*199=2388$+50$ for a piece of junk it sure is expensive
#28 (Edited 2525d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Revvin  +   2525d ago
And yet this is the site that tries its hardest to spin any positive PS3 news into negative because Sony temporarily blacklisted them for leaking news they were expressly asked not to leak yet Microsoft's XBOX 360 lets them down time after time with hardware failures yet they love it.

If anything this article is just yet further conclusive proof of what a joke Kotaku is.
mastiffchild  +   2525d ago
Be fair though..
Kotaku may be biased(certainly many people consider them to lean very much towards the 360)but most sites seem to have an agenda these days, and though most stand accused of the same bias that Kotaku does there are those which lean the other way as well, imo.

I really tried, personally, to have all three consoles this time round but I gave in to sense and ditched 360's after my 7th in 6 months. Now, even if the Jasper boards do prove successful(looking unlikely from what I'm hearing) I cannot justify going back to MS who I feel have fleeced gamers this gen by rushing out a console unfit for real world life and by being out first, with all our cash bought devs over to them or going multi-a staggering bit of business but one I can't believe hasn't alienated more of us. That there are people ready to slag Sony while supporting a company that ripped us all off so badly surprises me-esp whe 99% of 360 games are multi plat or go to PC anyway.

You can't trust anyone these days on pro sites as you don't know who pays the most for ads etc and because people still defend MS and the faulty disgrace of the 360 without any concern for those ripped off(that could, and may still, easily be them)so far defies any moral logic. MS h\ave conned us and we've, generally , rolled over and let them do it-what does this tell them about us? And what treatment can we expect now they know we'll take this crap?
Pedobear  +   2525d ago
Like I have any pity for one of Xbox Defense Force's top websites...
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