Amazon holds new Xbox 360 game sale

Retailer on Thurs. discounted select titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 in a new game sale.

The retailer price cut Xbox 360 titles by up to 50 percent, including Bioshock at $23.99, Grand Theft Auto IV at $29.99, Halo 3 at $39.99, and Left 4 Dead at $49.99.

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meatnormous3644d ago

Bioshock is 5 dollars on steam right now.

KidMakeshift3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Just wait a few more months and the recession will knock those prices down to nothing

xlx-russ_923644d ago

i dont get why is Halo 3 still 39.99 and GTA IV 29.99?

tatotiburon3644d ago

because they are still selling very good

Tsalagi3644d ago

Grand Theft Auto IV
Gamefly=$19.99 (Free shipping and handling)

tatotiburon3644d ago

but is pre-played, in amazon is brand new, but still a good deal in gamefly

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