X-Play: First Madworld Gameplay with HUD!

X-play got their first hands-on gameplay footage with HUD for Madworld.

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Rikitatsu3611d ago

The Chainsaw is deadly, but I heard it overheats, which is a good thing because it won't make the game too easy.

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PS360WII3611d ago

Looks amazing :) Will be great to play!

ChickeyCantor3611d ago

Looks cool =)...
Although not sure if im gonna like the constant murder xD

PS360WII3611d ago

You didn't mind the constant murdering that Mario does in every game ^.-

Rikitatsu3611d ago

Hao dare u say taht 2 mario u basterd!1!1 Mario is the bestest gam evar, and nintendo created gaming and miyamootoo is da best man evar!1

/Ninboy Mode OFF

ChickeyCantor3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Well, no mario character returned blood for the eye candy...
I think the blood is a bit over the top, not sure if i can enjoy that.

GodHand(also made by those games) that was a game i could play for hours.

And lets be realistic here, Kirby kills a whole planet just so he can eat CAKE...

PS360WII3611d ago

lol that is true Kriby did do that! Mario just likes to squish his opponents :)

and Rikitatsu I wasn't hating on Mario I was just saying how even though it's cute and fluffy it still has a rather dark mood to it if you look closely.

I can understand the blood thing as they do cake it on but over the top gore is better than more realistic gore I think....

ChickeyCantor3611d ago

Well blood is still blood...
At some point i know i can't get rid of the blood thought.

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kesvalk3611d ago

i can't watch, the video appears to be broken T_T

i aways knew i had the jinxed perk...

kesvalk3611d ago

yea it was...

i will just watch the youtube one that axisian commented about (thank you dude ^^)

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The story is too old to be commented.