Resistance Retribution - New screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment published some new Resistance Retribution screenshots. Enjoy.

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phosphor1123489d ago

that it looks just as good as any Wii FPS?...I mean honestly..look at COD3 for Wii, about same amount of polys going on. Not trying to troll, but...damn..

Supercalifragili3490d ago

The game shows a lot of potencial.

SaiyanFury3489d ago

Damn, for a PSP game that looks great.

Kain813489d ago

Resistance Retribution looks awesome

3489d ago
Carbide73489d ago

Wow, it looks on par with Chains of Olympus and Crisis Core.

mastiffchild3489d ago

as well when you consider all the connectivity they're trying out as well(link to PS3 and play with dualshock/on an in TV box and the usuals multiplayer on and offline as well as the "infected mode" you can open up). Looks like Insomniac may have chosen well farming out their franchise for the handheld version-I was worried at first too!

But it does look up there with GOW:CoO in terms of looks.

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