Console Monster: Rise of the Argonauts Review

David Wriglesworth writes: "Role-playing games on the Xbox 360 are becoming a more common recurrence and in recent weeks we've seen some top-rated titles in this genre, such as Fable 2 and Fallout 3. Continuing this recurrence is Liquid Entertainment and Codemaster's latest title, Rise of the Argonauts. Whether it can live up to the high standards of fellow RPG titles, is questionable.

RotA opens with a dramatic opening cut-scene, focusing on Jason, King of the Greek city Lolcus; having everything until his beautiful wife-to-be Alceme is assassinated on their wedding day. Once the cut-scene finishes, players take the role of Jason, who then attempts to hunt down and kill his wife's assassin through the kingdom. The emotion and the urge to chase this assassin were there because of one of the most powerful opening sequences I have and will probably ever witness. The emotion expressed by this cut-scene is fascinating and one I will remember for a while. Unfortunately, from then on it was more-or-less downhill from there..."

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