Eye on The Future 12.26.08: A Look Into 2009 – PS3 Games To Watch

411Mania writes:

"In the latest edition of 'Eye On The Future', we take a look at what 2009 holds for the PS3: Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3, Uncharted 2. With these being just a few of the titles we will discuss, things are looking good for the folks at Sony. Will '09 be the year Sony finally turns things around? Come in and see what's on tap.

Before we get started, I just wanted to address a few things I mistakenly left out of last week's edition. First off, I would like to thank Jordan Williams for trusting his me with his baby a few months back. Jordan offered me a chance to write an edition of Working Title for him, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't believe that had anything to do with me becoming a part of the 411 family. Also to the rest of the staff for feeling like what I had to say was worth their time to respond to, and to those that put in a good word for me, thank you. I didn't forget you all last week, but my nerves with getting the first one done and out the door caused me to have a temporary relapse of memory."

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sonic19893640d ago

(Uncharted2:Infamous:RE5:GOW3: Tekken6:HeavyRain:GT5:FF13) this are the only games i can afford & i'll be renting the rest. ohh yea already pre-ordered KZ2. i don't think i will have the ca$h for multi-games.

predatorV4G3640d ago

MAG, Ratchet 2 ,Yakuza 3

rent the rest

Already have KZ2 preordered --the biggest FPS of this gen

pwnsause3640d ago

GT5 is a game that has a vague release date. We don't know whether or not it will launch in 2009.

2 cents3640d ago

So has Heavy Rain, Uncharted2, GOW3 since none of those games has a release date yet. But trust me they will be out next year.

fishd3640d ago

Sorry for the double post,Can't add the fukcing pic to the first post

CryofSilence3639d ago

Isn't Nathan Drake pinching the Infamous guy's butt? And isn't he pinching Kratos' butt as well?

Lawlz, I kid. Nice picture.

2 cents3640d ago

GT5 is my biggest anticipation for next year. Followed closely by Uncharted2, KZ2, and GOW3/Heavy Rain. Now that`s a line up.

Queers of War3639d ago

GT, the best racing franchise next to NFS, but has only stuck to one console brand

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