Baldur's Gate Memories

IGN writes: "Huge, beautiful and highly replayable, it is a 'must-have' for any serious or even casual RPG fan... Baldur's Gate will... return serious role-playing games to their rightful place at the center of the computer gaming universe." These words were part of the concluding paragraph in RPG Vault's review of BioWare's landmark late 1998 release that signaled the genre's emergence from a relatively barren half-decade or so. Published by the Black Isle Studios division of Interplay, it was a rarity, a title that generated extremely high expectations, then proved able to meet and even exceeded them. As a result, it garnered awards galore including best of the year from this site and many other publications. It also sold exceptionally well. This parlay launched the inexperienced Canadian studio toward the very top echelon of developers. The rest, as they say, is history."

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MK_Red3641d ago

Those were the days. RPG was DEFINED by Fallout, Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate 2.

Captain Tuttle3641d ago

They don't make 'em like that anymore. If Troika Games ever needed to make a comeback it's now.

Megatron083641d ago

BG2 is still one of the greatest rpgs ever made

kwicksandz3641d ago

I picked up a re release of this over xmas. got b1 and b2 + the expacs. Might fire them up since i just got the RROD =(

MK_Red3641d ago

Troika is kinda back, along with Black Isle, both in form of Obisidian Studios. It's team consists mostly of ex-Troika and ex-Black Isle people. Hopefully their upcoming Alpha Protocal is on par with their classics. (Though BG2 wasn't made by them, it was BioWare in their hayday before making horrible NWN and becoming a casual RPG maker).

Captain Tuttle3640d ago

But they're not going to make an follow up to Arcanum and that's what I really want.

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richierich3641d ago

Bioware had better RPGs back then

darkjanus3641d ago

The reason RPG's were so much better back then is graphics

Back then when everything was in 2D a game had to stand up for its gameplay and its story. Today all some developers do is shout how their graphics are the next best thing and neglect to make a decent game.

Not that im against good graphics but witbhout if all developers pay attension to is eye candy we get a great looking game which is forgoten in a few months.

Games like fallout, Baldurs gate and Planescape torment ware games which had such compelling and memorable stories that we still remember and go back to play them 10 years on.

LostChild3641d ago

Aren't they making a new Baldur's Gate? I could have swarn I saw a video with it, as one of the games in developement.

yog-sothot3641d ago

Bioware is making Dragon Age Origins, they call it "Baldur's gate successor" (hello marketing). It looks quite good but I'm waiting to see more of it before I get too excited. Anyway, I want to believe !

Atari owns the Baldur's gate IP now, and they said very recently they could make a new game... We haven't seen anything of it. But honestly I'm afraid, I feel this might be a basic hack and slash like Baldur's gate Dark Alliance. And Atari... Ahem.

LostChild3640d ago

Atari was showing off some of their games and then showed titles of other games that were possibly up and coming and Baldur's Gate was at the top of that list.

meepmoopmeep3641d ago

i've never played this game

kwicksandz3641d ago

From your previous posts i know your an RPG fan. you should check this series out! It will run on practically any PC and your in for the deepest,engrossing rpg of your life. makes all console rpgs feel shallow in comparison.

Chuck Norris3641d ago

You've missed out on the greatest RPG of all time.

yog-sothot3641d ago

OK, you never played it ? So, shut your modem down, go buy the game (I don't know where) and play it NOW ! ;-) Then you can come back here

darkjanus3641d ago

Go and play it now, else you officially can not call yourself an RPG fan

meepmoopmeep3641d ago

yeah, but i'm not much of a PC gamer
i'd like to check it out though

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