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Check out this article on Killzone 2's impressive visuals.

"We have all seen Killzone 2 screenshots, most of us have probably seen Killzone 2 in action too, we all know one thing: It's a visually stunning game, but just how visually stunning?

From the many screenshots of KZ2 on the net it's quite easy to see it's a good looking game, this is achieved by the use of fullscreen post-process effects, high-polygon character models, a deffered rendering engine and an impressive lighting engine. this all adds up to create an image with jaw-dropping graphics."

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drdistracto7073645d ago

Good read, nice article Badass gamer, ill keep look out for some of your future write ups!

Xelai3645d ago

The tech artsting, and the graphics impressive, vey impressive.

C_SoL3645d ago

"Killzone 2 uses a deferred rendering engine that integrates MSAA Quincunx (multisample anti-aliasing). The Cell Processor will also parallel process geometry and indirect lighting."

Hopefully we'll see more games using deferred rendering for the PS3.

SonyOwnsNextYear3645d ago

the nissan skyline of shooters is almost here.

JBaby3433645d ago

This game impresses me everytime I see it. Can't wait for February to have this game blow my socks off and I hope more games do what GG has done with the tech in the PS3.

TheIneffableBob3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

All Unreal Engine 3 games use deferred rendering... or at least they use deferred shadows or something like that.

fishd3645d ago

Killzone 2 is the only game that use Deferred rendering AND MSAA '1at the same time'...The game has ZERO jaggies according to those who have played it...

iamtehpwn3645d ago

PC doesn't quite count for much due to all forgiving "You just need better hardware"

Congrats. GG has made Ken's promise of games that look like Movies in Real time.

gaffyh3644d ago

...have all the xbots gone. Lol. KZ2 looks great, but there is a video talking about it's graphics somewhere (I think Gametrailers, but I'm not sure).

MNicholas3644d ago

It's quite simple. Killzone 2 looks better in motion, where texture quality is less important than dynamic lighting, while Crysis can look better in screen shots where it's stellar texture quality is shines through.

To sum it up: Crysis has better textures while KZ2 has better lighting.

In fact, KZ2 has the best and most complete lighting system on any platform. This is why it "looks" better than any other game despite Crysis having technically better textures.

BTW, there's no need for the author to be apologetic about saying KZ2 is the best looking game he's seen and qualify his statement as referring only to consoles. Let's face it, KZ2 is the best looking game anywhere.

Saying KZ2 is the best looking game doesnt mean it's topped all the technical characteristics. For example, Gears 2 is the best looking game on the 360 but it's hardly the most technically accomplished on that platform. Similarly there are games, atleast on high end PC and PS3, that have better textures and polycounts (Crysis, Uncharted are two examples), but not a single game anywhere has such an advanced lighting and effects engine.

Killzone 2's uber-sophisticated lighting engine is just incredibly natural, in contrast to, for example, Unreal based games, that have very synthetic and static lighting and as a result look very cheap and video-gamey.

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TIKUP3645d ago

Best looking console gamer everrrrrrr!!!!!

JBaby3433645d ago

That's all I have to say :)

JBaby3433645d ago

It's going to be great comparing both when both have been released (will have to wait a little while for HR). Both look amazing but completely different art styles.

In my opinion it's hard to say Heavy Rain is better. To each his own though.

NegativeCreep4273645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

The Xbot delusional Phanboys have something to say about that...

(With all those phantom 360 fanboy disagrees you see with not even an ounce of an explanation!!!).

LOL!!! Stupid Cowards!

na2ru13644d ago

I am curious for an explaination too, because this IS the console that was referred to as having a bottleneck and a useless Cell.

Guess the Bluray player kicks arse/ass

Marceles3644d ago

Definitely it's the best looking console game, the benchmark of Crysis is surely fading

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Sheddi3645d ago

I'll see u guys on PSN 25th of February!

PS. ill killzone ur asses so be prepared DS.
PSS. yeah, thats a challenge DS.

ThatCanadianGuy3645d ago

Killzone 2 is God in digital form.

Kratos Spartan3645d ago

there can be only one God...

3645d ago
Bathyj3645d ago

"An essential note that has been omitted to Sony’s legion by most sites is the fact that the latest build previewed is from October 2008 and had a media embargo till 4th December."

Bloodshedder3645d ago

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Bathyj3645d ago

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Bloodshedder3645d ago

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dragunrising3644d ago

lol, bubbles for both of you.

On topic: can't wait for Killzone 2 to come out. Just got a new tv...need a game outside of Uncharted that will do it justice.

Bloodshedder3644d ago

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