Gametrailers GOTY Awards 2008 - Best Third-Person Shooter

With so few viable nominees, which makes the biggest mark?

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Marcello3641d ago

Surprise Surprise !!

And the award for most bias game website of the year goes to..


Danja3641d ago

I enjoyed Dead Space more than I did Gears 2 ...and that the truth...

why wasn't MGS4 nominated in this category but Fracture and The Club was..? lol...

sunnygrg3641d ago

Was the "Third Person Shooter" genre so underwhelming this year that games like The Club, Dark Sector and Fracture get nominated.

Richdad3641d ago

Its an action adventure game its definetly not a 3rd person shooter it has more of action adventure elements in it.

Dark General3641d ago

MGS4 wasn't a stealth game like the first 3 though. I didn't like that. It felt too much like a 3rd person shooter for almost half the game (the first 2 acts). If it would have been nominated for best 3rd person shooter i wouldn't have had any qualms with that.

SRU96003641d ago

Gears of War 2 is easily the best 3rd person shooter of 2008.

I just picked it up a few days ago and I am surprised by how much better it is than the first one.

Everything from the graphics to the gameplay are outstanding in Gears of War 2.

Based on the reviews that it had received, I was kinda expecting just more of the same with slightly better graphics, but this game really stepped it up on many different levels.

It's a 10/10 as far as I'm concerned, and I can't wait to see what they do with Gears 3.

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Gun_Senshi3641d ago

I'm not gonna bother watching.

Bet its GeoW2

tatotiburon3641d ago

Gears of War 2 GOTY.

Lol the droids bashing GT hahaha

Gun_Senshi3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I don't see it in over goty

sites like gears 2 didn't even make it to finals

Any every real games knows Dead Space should had won and that the nomimated where medicore games like Fracture The Club and Dark Sector.

BLUR1113641d ago

Gears of war owns! the most brutal shooter out.

Fanboys go watch some more video's on game's then bash it but the thing is you are getting no where, the real gamer's know what gears truly is. there is not a ps3 game that can touch it so far now sit down and accept it.

Gun_Senshi3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

How am I a driod? Please point me out

I am a real gamer that have been gaming since Comodore64. While I did not play Gears 2 I played and gave Gears 1 many tries.

Attached is Proof I played it, since you only say lies and troll and X360 Fanboy, HYPOCRIPT

You are an insult to REAL Gamers.

Since when Gore makes a game the best ever? Last Years SMG Won with ZERO Gore within that game. Last gen, the best 2 games are ICO and SOTC with ZERO GORE. If you only seek Blood and Gore in videogames you are pretty much an angst teen with who talk without even knowing anything or play real games

And for your info. Gears on PC is the better version of Gears 1.

ViceKingz3641d ago

thrid person shooter of the year moron, not GOTY and it never will be.
burnout paradise won racer of the year from the same site...oh wait does that mean its GOTY too?!?!?! b*tch please.

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Megaton3641d ago

The Club? Dark Sector? Fracture? Shoulda just named this one "Best Gears of War Game 2008". Had a lot more fun with Dead Space, personally.

Richdad3641d ago

Yeah I liked Dead Space a lot but still Gears 2 really had the pace and there was much fluidity to it. That made it really engaging. Dead space was slower and there was cinematic value to it,it was better in that department but still it was not superb in that department and graphics of Gears 2 were better.
Overall if you call for single player it will be real hard for me to say Dead space is better.

Megaton3641d ago

I liked Gears 2 as well, but I'm just more of a horror fan, and with the horror gaming genre more or less on its last legs, Dead Space was a real treat. It also tackled space horror in a really great way, something I don't think I've ever experienced.

Richdad3641d ago

Dead space is definetly a treat for fans of horror games.

riqued3641d ago

Never knew 3P shooter games had their own category, shouldn't they be included in best shooters?

poopsack3641d ago

not when gears is involved, then it would have like, less of a chance of winning, but we dont want that do we?

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