Gametrailers GOTY Awards 2008 - Best Downloadable Title

Which title impressed most?

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Gun_Senshi3465d ago

not gonna bother watching. From GT its Braid I bet

gamesmaster3464d ago

should have been Wipeout HD! end of..

BLUR1113464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

it's better to be a troll than a whiny fanboy

Gun_Senshi3464d ago

Whats the difference between a Troll or a Fanboy? Fanboys are the ones that troll.


Galvanise3465d ago

Wipeout HD is not on this list, says a lot. Its the best downloadable game visually, musically, for online play, value for money and polish.

Anyone who has played it would agree.

Cajun Chicken3465d ago

I for one agree, but also want to put my agreeing opinion in text.

thereapersson3464d ago

And would like to voice my opinion in an according manner

ultimolu3464d ago

I agree as well. That game is freakin' badass.

Foxgod3464d ago

I wonder, which reviewer sites are considered credible these days by Ps3 fans ?

lelo3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

"I wonder, which reviewer sites are considered credible these days by Ps3 fans ? "

I was going to say the same thing ... lol. If it does not go their way, then the site is not credible.

I would say that their is one site that everybody agrees that it is not trust worthy, and that's gamespot

Why o why3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

but only the blind cant see that wipeout should at least feature. Remember GT is not a new site and its not like its another new site that ps3 fans dont trust. We have seen their practices since this gen has started but yeah call us unreasonable if it helps you sleep. 360 winning a ps3 vs ps3 graphics shoot-out yeah, call us unreasonable;) Ill use their site but i wouldn't trust them per say especially since i know who they're in bed with. Its our prerogative.

oh and merry xmas guys

on reflection ill take a step back. Braid is a worthy winner and thats not my dispute one bit. wipeout HD is not in the same category. I think games like that should be in a newer different category of being an in-between game like Siren, GT5p, Warhawk, Tekken Dr etc. Ive been trying to get my mates to get this game on their 360's and it was a gem out of the blue.

Karum3464d ago

The only credible review site in this PS3 owners opinion is the one that resides in my own mind. More commonly known as personal opinion.

Nothing else matters.

Magic_The_Celt3464d ago

PS3 - PixelJunk Eden
360 - Braid

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The story is too old to be commented.