Stealth action title Cipher Complex still coming

Speaking exclusively to, Edge of Reality's Binu Phillip confirmed that their stealth title Cipher Complex was still in the works. Recently picked up by a large developer, Phillip informed us that "the game is indeed still being worked on", but Edge of Reality can't comment further on it "at the moment". He ensured us, though, that the wait was almost over, and we would hear from them when it was.

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gauntletpython3638d ago

I like the idea of a fast paced stealth game... kinda like a modern ninja.

Ps_alm3k3638d ago

put some games on xbox360!!!!
Damm you sony!!!

VMAN_013638d ago

Lol its multiplat duude.

VMAN_013638d ago

I also hope there not using Unreal Engine 3 the games just looks so generic using that engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.