Neocrisis: New Monster Hunter 3 Scans

Neocrisis: 8 new scans from famitsu.

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Gr813639d ago

The game is looking absolutely gorgeous, hopefully this is a trend with futre Wii games as well. If devs actually utilize whats under Wii's hood, games should look very nice, and more importantly play nice.


It's not that this game looks bad, it's just that the better it look, it's not on the same league as the graphics on the other consoles.

And play nice is arguably. Maybe you think shaking your arms around to play is fun, maybe I'm too tired in the end of the day to do it. And let's not even talk about actually having the control of the game, about input right and going right, about responsiveness.

Don't take me wrong, the much of a Monster Hunter fanboy I am and being a PS3-only owner 'till now, I still understand the Capcom move and actually thinks that Wii should indeed have a Monster Hunter since it's the top seller on Japan and the game could use this much more popularization. But Capcom itself pushed for multiplatfotm and should release a PS3 and 360 version and, more importantly, should try to achieve the best game they could, which they won't on the Wii.

Rockxy3639d ago

Looks sweet! we need more Games like this for the wii : )

LeonSKennedy4Life3639d ago

50 bucks says it gets at least 2 10's just for being Monster Hunter.

onomix3639d ago

I remember the times, when Nintendo had actually good games.

Do you guys remember the awesome games that NES, Snes and N64 had? GameCube and Wii totally suck in my opinion. I know I will get a ton of disagrees. But the fact is, Nintendo was superior in the past, but sucks now. Super Mario Galaxy? No, I prefer Super Mario World and Super Mario Brothers 3. LOZ: TP? No, I prefer LOZ: ALTTP and LOZ:OOT.

Kevin McCallister3639d ago

Yes, this game does look gorgeous...when compared to PS2/Xbox/GC games that were released 6 years ago. I did dust off the Wii earlier this morning so my little cousin could play Wii Sports. Then he went back to the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle.

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The story is too old to be commented.