Is it Worth it: Metal Gear Solid LBP Level Pack

A review of the Metal Gear Solid Level Pack for LittleBigPlanet, answering if the DLC is worth the $6 price tag.

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tatotiburon3638d ago

it's only 6 dollars, c'mon this article is necesary?, even muy beers cost more.

thereapersson3637d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing with you. Yeah, you're a fanboy, but you make a good point. Most people pay this much or more for food, and get half the enjoyment out of it.

This LBP mod basically turns the game into a completely different one. I'd say 6 bucks is more than worth it.

This article though? Worth-LESS.

Magic_The_Celt3637d ago

Yeah, see people disagree with the USER not his comment, so if the user is disliked no matter what he says he'l get a disagree

Anyway hope you had a good christmas tatitoburn

Hellsvacancy3638d ago

I can afford to gamble a couple quid, i'd imagine the Mgs pack would b quite fun

GVON3638d ago

it's so worth it,just being able to get the license to use MGS tunes in your own levels makes it worth it,creating shoot em ups a few new things like the plasma balls,then new materials and stickers,then you get the levels,and they are some off the best in LBP.then the levels make good challenges for the leaderboards if you do them as races.

Elimin83638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

As an MGS fan yes and no. yes it adds to the already great and fun game that LBP is but the content as far gameplay wise is a little on the short side. got it a second after release finished the entire thing within the hour well all except the vr which I haven't received trophy for....but it really is fun though... but only 5 stages...... oh hell I enjoyed it and still keep going bk for more my fav is fighting the MG Rex

GVON3638d ago

I understand what you mean as it can be done in a hour,but so do the chapters in the story mode,I haven't tried to ace them or nothing yet though so I still have a few more hours on it

Bathyj3638d ago

When did people become such tight arses? If its fun, its worth it.

I'm not a rich guy or anything, but if I spend anything more than 15 minutes procrastinating over whether its worth it or not, then I could have made that $6 working and bought it.

Bzone243638d ago

"When did people become such tight arses? If its fun, its worth it."

That's what I think when people complain about the cost of XBL.


XBL is a infra-structure, not a game or add-on. So you are not paying to have fun, you are paying to access the enviroment where you can buy fun.

I'm not even saying it's not worth the money (in my opnion it's not worth unless you really don't have other way around, but hey, it's not my money too...), just pointing that this coment don't really fit in here.

masterg3637d ago


Good comment.
Bubble up..

solidt123637d ago

This is the best DLC I have ever bought and it is only $5.99. Went ahead and got the costume pack also because I am a true MGS fan.

prowiew3637d ago

At 2 bucks I probably buy it.

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PirateThom3638d ago

There's at least $6 worth of entertainment, even if you add on the costume pack, it's still worth it.

It's probably the only LBP paid DLC that is worth it.

gamesmaster3638d ago

some killzone 2 costumes would be great fun too, little helgasts jumping around. but like you said some kind of final fantasy pack would be a great edition.

SaiyanFury3638d ago

Sony is my favourite of the big 3, but I think they're just whoring out LBP content as a quick cash in. A buck here for a new costume, 2 bucks here for a new level. I never subscribed to the microtransaction model for DLC and I never will. I bought the game and that's the only money I'm paying. If the DLC is free, that's another story but I'm not giving away another 5-10 dollars for some meagre addon that'll extend the game's life by 15 minutes.

beatrixkiddo3638d ago

i used to think the same thing about having to pay for DLC, but my opinion has changed after reading some of the interviews with media molecule. When asked by journalists if they are working on a sequel for LBP they answer saying that several DLC level packs will take the place of a sequel and you will be able to continue playing new levels forever and ever. So really it makes sense that they should cost money. instead of the MM team working on a sequel they are working on new levels for an already incredible game.

DaTruth3638d ago

The weapons alone are worth it. Sure added to my giant mechanized robot. Have to say though, there are too many junk levels keeping good content from being played. It really hurts(not really but it's a damn shame) that know one has played my level, It's practically not worth the effort.



My only deception is that I just realized with this last patch that my FF patch desire won't come. I want to have real enemies and I was hoping that FF patch would bring in some swords (giving us some hack'n'slash / beat'em'up gameplay) as MGS patch bring weapons, but I was just told that no AI for enemies was ever set (I didn't buy the MGS add-on, but my friends, which was expecting to have some more natural enemies too told me). The best we'll get is our home-made enemies that only go in simple routines

But, even with that said, I can't expect for the FF add-on too.


Bubles up for the common sense and great Kill Bill name.

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CViper3638d ago

odd no article on GEARS2's dlc

solidt123637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

All the reports show that not may people are playing Gears online so go figure. Halo 3 is back at number 1 and Gears 2 is like 4th behind the Call of duty games, Street Fighter HD and left for dead.

San anto3637d ago

give me your hitttssssss

Alvadr3638d ago

I broke my controller while trying to get the trophy for firing 40 paintballs in 5 seconds :( The R1 button keeps sticking now.. Oh dear!

freakyzeeky3638d ago

Do what I did... just get a water bottle, where the side of the bottle is bumpy (the kind of water bottles that come in 24 packs at the grocery store). and take your controller, and rub the side of the bottle against the R1 button, if you do it right, you should get that trophy pretty quickly... Hope this helps. :D

GVON3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

I just went into track and field turbo mode and did first time :) I got the fastest finger in the west

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