Maybe Videogames Aren't So Recession-proof After All

1UP writes: "Economic news here on the cusp of Christmas points to this being one of the worst holidays in memory for retailers. Yet the videogame industry continues to chant its mantra that games are recession-proof. NPD sales reports get cited most frequently as evidence of consumers taking the much ballyhooed "staycation" and spending their discretionary money on entertainment that can be enjoyed at home (as opposed to holiday vacations). Indeed, as we noted both in our overview of the November NPD numbers and detailed three-part analysis broken down by each of the major platforms (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) the videogame business posted some impressive sales figures, particularly when viewed in the context of the generally gloomy economic climate."

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Xelai3642d ago

I see most of the spending going to one brand, Nintendo, and that could be worrisome for the other two if the tendency continues the way it is. New interesting IPs or quality games are in many cases not selling as expected,instead any Wii game by Nintendo sells zillions. I believe that tendency to be more worrisome, growth wise, than recession.

Or better, still, both factors are combined could indeed be worrisome for Microsoft and Sony.