Modojo Aim for the Brain! Review

Modojo writes: "Our love affair with zombies drove us to download it; that, and it popped up while searching for Zombie Invasion. It's essentially whack-a-mole with undead monsters, where the goal is to tap creatures as they appear to score points while at the same time avoiding innocent civilians that get in the way (kill too many of them, and it's game over). You have 60 seconds of worth of blasting per level, allowing you to best your score on each board, as well as three difficulty levels.
Westlake did an excellent job with the visuals. You'll tap zombie basketball players, zombie clowns and even zombie rock stars, all of which sport beautiful detail. You also get three backgrounds (The Cemetary, The Alleyway and The Hospital), and they too, look attractive, with an eerie moon, gravestones and overturned hospital beds."

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