European software and hardware sales for dec. 13th to dec. 19th

A new week, new sales numbers. Nintendo is still dominating the whole charts. Games like LittleBigPlanet, COD and Gears 2 are still doing good

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Kingsora3645d ago

LBP is still doing great, though a lot of those sales probably are from bundles

Xelai3645d ago

Anyway, both the PS3 and LBP seem to be holding their own quite well even with the price difference.

resistance1003645d ago

I'm sure the advertising the game every time there an advert break helped as well

SonyOwnsNextYear3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Slow and steady wins the race.

some companies came out full force and seem to be running out of fuel already without showing much advancement in tech or capabilities.

Good thing sony gave the ps3 some pretty strong legs.....the psn commercials seem aimed at posing the ps3 as a MULTI function media hub.Commercial awareness is key to overtaking market, sales are good since only us hardcore gamers know what the ps3 is fully capable of. Sales will only get better once regular joe knows it plays, dlc, can be a media server for photos, videos, music, games, bluray, has a internet browser, firmware updates .....the list is way too long.


trpride3645d ago

It makes me sad to see Need for Speed selling better than Resistance 2

Close_Second3645d ago

...and after playing it for about 6 hours I feel its had a bum deal from many review sites. To me it feels, looks and plays like a AAA title and its certainly a great exclusive on the PS3.

I consider R2 single player campaign to be better than that in COD:WAW.

I cannot understand why its sales have been so luke warm. The last thing PS3 owners would want is for Insomniac to go multi-platform.

TheMART3645d ago

LBP is a lot from the package, I got also one a while ago, but also ordered LBP through CDWow for 32 Euro as a gift for someones birthday.

I just hope the sales of LBP skyrocket, Media Molecule deserve it.

Kingsora3645d ago

Well does it matter of how the game reach the consumer? With or without bundles, people start playing anyway and MM still are getting their money

Danja3645d ago

even though the bundle is helping out , sales should be higher this game is so unique and addictive fun as hell..

but sales have been increasing every things are looking good

LeonSKennedy4Life3645d ago

But it's on the PS3.

I don't understand, Mart. Did you grow a soul?

Axelay3645d ago

You know i fing funny that people complains about the sales of wii play (and say it shouldn't count) because it comes with a controller and agree about the sales of lbp which comes bundled with the console
"deux poids deux mesures"

At least it's a good game.
What this top teach us, it's that in europe we like diversity and second like everywhere in the world nintendo dominate, try to get used to it because it will last.

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trpride3645d ago

Also what's up with the Nintendo domination? Soccer moms are really buying everything with Nintendo on it.

gamesmaster3645d ago

football mums you mean, this is Europe we're talking about..hehe

deeznuts3645d ago

Soccer is a european term, unless you don't consider England a part of Europe ;)

Futbol is not even accurate since back when the term first came about, australian futbol existed as well.

claney3645d ago

Football is what its called in Europe
Soccer is what its called in Aus / USA

Vip3r3644d ago

It' Football. We invented the sport and that's what is should be called.

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ZackFair3645d ago

This is spam and false information.

Why o why3645d ago

knows more than these charlatans. Time for n4g to be rid of their guesses AKA gears 2s' 3 million on the first weekend when it took closer to 4 weeks according to MS themselves.

Gun_Senshi3645d ago

my right nut says MGS4 sold 6mil by now!

DaTruth3645d ago

Since 360 started doing well, we have to endure this VGCrapz now. Yet 360 fanboys say we're the one's who like this. We never saw this when PS3 was topping it.

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