CVG's Top 8 Games Of 2008

CVG writes: "We've managed to whittle the list down to eight definitive games. Eight games that no self respecting gamer should be without come Big Ben's year-ending chimes. So without further delay, we give you the elite of 2008 (in no particular order)."

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Hot_tea3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

I thought this is by far the SH1TTEST mario kart yet?
How that get in there?
SNES MARIO KART FTW. (don't hate n64'rs)

Bordel_19003641d ago

Lol, Spore and Mario Kart. What are they smoking.

Samer3053641d ago

I don't see why everyone is so sad to see GTAIV on the top 10 or 8 or top w/e list. It was a good game so yes it is going to be there. Not as good as I hoped but nevertheless it was a good game.

Faztkiller3641d ago

b/c they need to improve
vice city and san where better games
Gta 4 car damage was really good that was about it

Faztkiller3641d ago

spore gta 4 mario kart

farhsa20083641d ago

my oh my standards have dropped.

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