SSX Blur Interview and New Pictures

IGN sat down with the lead designer of SSX: Blur to ask a few last minute questions about the game before it launches in March. We also got some new pics to look at!

"SSX Blur is a new game, but we took a lot of inspiration from the best tracks from a few of the titles in the series. You will see your favorites return - characters like Mac & Elise, and tracks like Happiness - but with a completely new control system and some new additions."

"The game has been completely Wii-i-fied. As addressed previously, in addition to the characters, the mountain has also been overhauled with new textures and lighting."

"The new career mode takes traits from On Tour PSP and SSX 3. It's a journey of progression in which you compete in events to earn points and medals, which in turn unlock tournaments (i.e. a series 2-4 events). You will need to win at least a bronze medal in each event to pass the tournament. As well, completing certain tournaments also unlock new peaks."

"Unfortunately, online gameplay for Wii still hasn't been released, so, there won't be any online gameplay, nor will there be any WiiConnect24. However we do have two different types of offline multiplayer modes: a two-player split screen and a turn-based "hot seat" for 1-4 players."

"The engine is a modified version of SSX On Tour, but we've improved the framerate to 60 fps in single player mode. Also, as already discussed, visually, the game has been revamped with new texture and lighting effects."

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