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umair_s513640d ago

Not even a single Xbox exclusive in the list

Rikitatsu3639d ago

I can't believe they put Madworld at #8 and Wii sport at 4#.

And where is Bayonetta, Diablo III, Empire Total war ?

Sh!ty list based on hype and popularity.

They are smoking some serious stuff.

CloudsEnd3639d ago

You guys dont get it, its THEIR Most Anticipated list for 2009, not yours.

Jeez. Guys calm down. =/

Btw i just can count 9 ... lol

DNAgent3639d ago

That's because it's "TOP 10" most anticipated "GAMES" of "2009".

This list (unlike others) don't count expansions as games.

PS360WII3638d ago

Actually it's a surprisingly varied list. Not bad

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Yi-Long3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

... Where is Skate 2!? Where's Riddick? Where's Brutal Legend!? Where's Forza 3? Where's Uncharted 2? Where's Mafia 2?

poeo3639d ago

yea man Skate 2 is going to be GREAT, for example they have put way more thought into the online, you can now MAKE your own spots by moving around objects, and SHARE those spots with others so they can try to break your highscore on it! user-created content for the f*cking win. (even though not quite on the level of LBP but still!)

along with KZ2 it's the game i'm most excited about. i really really hope it does well. oh and it's going to be 60fps on both ps3 and 360. so sweet.

Yi-Long3639d ago

... and Alan Wake... when is that ever coming out!?!?

onomix3639d ago

I'm waiting for Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, Mafia 2 and God Of War III.

poeo3639d ago

adding Skate 2 and Heavy Rain to that would be my list :P

DragonWarrior465343639d ago

We at N4g should make our own list. Take a poll and put it up. I vote for Uncharted 2, GOW3, Killzone 2, MAG, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, Call of Duty MW:2, Total War, SF4, Storm Rise, Operation Flash Point, Border Lands, LOTRC, MLB The Show '09, NBA2K10, and I know Im missing much much more.

Faztkiller3639d ago

my top 10 are
1 Killzone 2
2 Uncharted 2
3 GOW 3
4 GT5
5 Halo ODST
6 Infamous
8 Heavy Rain
10 Twisted metal
11 COD MW2
12 Operation Flash Point
13 Border Lands
14 ico game
15 Rachet Clank game
16 RE5

OK it turned into 16
and I know I forgot alot
my xbox is going to be lonely till halo

Gun_Senshi3639d ago

I wish to do a my GOTY 08 list and top 10 of 2009 right here :P Lets start!

Best Graphics OTY: Crysis: Warhead
Best RPG OTY: Valkyria Chronicles, Honoriable Mention: Persona 4
Best Shooter OTY: Crysis: Warhead
Best Action/Adventure OTY: MGS4
Best Platformer: LBP
Best Racer: Burnout: P
Best Story: MGS4, Honorable Mention: Valkyrie Chronciles
Best Music: MGS4
Best Acting: MGS4
Best Puzzel: Patapon
Most Improved Sequel: R2
Most Innovative: LBP
Best Online: WoW: WOTLK

Most Under appricated game: Valkryie Chronicles

Dubious Honors

Least Improved Sequel: COD: [email protected]
Insult to Fans: GTAIV, dishonorable mention: Fallout 3


----------------------------- -----

Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2009 for me (In NO Order, I will not even number them)

White Knight Chronicles
Resident Evil 5
Heavy Rain
Team ICO Game
Uncharted 2
Starcaft 2
Diablo 3
Mafia 2
Killzone 2

-Hopeing for 2009 release

Final Fantasy XIII
Alan Wake

-Most Anticipated game for me (Release TBA)
Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Nomura <3

MiloGarret3639d ago

Here's mine:

1.Mass Effect 2 (IF released in 09, otherwise move everything up one step and add Bioshock 2 at the bottom)
3.Killzone 2
5.Street Fighter IV
6.Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
7.Brütal Legend
8.Uncharted 2
9.Mafia 2
10.Dante’s Inferno (same devs as Dead Space FTW)

^List = Pure awesomeness.

pp3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Alan Wake
Forza 3
Splinter cell conviction
Halo 3: ODST
Ninja Blade
Mass Effect 2 Xbox360 EXCLUSIVE
Star Ocean 4
Your mum
ALSO Microsoft has to announce their Exclusive's for 09.

What you mean Halo dlc. That on it's own will sell more copy's than a full game on ps3 so Hahahahahha in 09. You should be gratefull it's not up against killzone 2 because Halo will allway's come on top even in SALE'S why do you think Sony was BEGGING Microsoft for Halo?

user8586213639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

marry xmas!!

god of war 3
killzone 2
ff13 versus
uncharted 2 among thieves
white knight chronicles
heavy rain
Twisted Metal
Dc Universe Online

and i know sony has sme secrets gems;
bbc unannounced game
ico game
hideos 2 projects
isomniacs 2009 game

HAHAHA Halo dlc!!! are you serious?? hyping ova probs 3 hours extra gameplay :S

the only thing on your list id love to get ma hands on is your mum :)

poor bot just because you have no game to looks forward to your hyping to a dlc for a game release in 2007 :( u wanahug?? ohhh and hows gear 2 the goty doing?? HAHAHAHAHA

PotNoodle3639d ago

How are we supposed to answer that, it was your dream.

@Above, halo dlc? Isn't dlc, supposed to be, erm - downloadable? because Halo 3: ODST won't be downloadable.

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