X-Play's 2009 Preview Show: K-R

X-Play previews the games that should be on your "must get" list for 2009, from A to Z(ombie). This segment features 'Killzone 2', 'Lord of the Rings: Conquest','Prototype', and 'Resistance: Retribution.'

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Cajun Chicken3640d ago

Awesome, this and InFamous is going to make me a very happy person next year anything else goes without saying or is a bonus.

predatorV4G3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

anything else is just trash

Oh wait GOW3/Uncharted 2/KZ2 /GT5/FF13/Infamous = total gaming heaven

Carbide73640d ago

KILLZONE®2 is going to keep me happy for a long time. And Uncharted 2 along with GoWIII will complete a blissful year. Along with an Infamous topping.

Aclay3640d ago

Killzone 2 is easily my most anticipated game for the first half of 2009. If I had the choice of buying just ONE game from Jan. 2009- June 2009, KZ2 would be that game. Right now I'm more interested in PS3 exclusives for 2009, than multiplat's.

Kush_Reaper3640d ago

Definitely agree. I've been saying it for a while now. The only games i'll probably get in 2009 are ps3 exclusives along with big name third party games like RE5 and SF4 that's it. There is practically enough AAA ps3 games for every month of 2009, that is how you know Sony has the competition beat. Plus after the likes of Killzone 2, Heavy Rain and Infamous, any mediocre third party game will be a pass for me unless they start taking advantage of the cell and blu ray.


Kush_Reaper3640d ago

Killzone 2 is the only game on that list that interest me. The gane is so going to own. Looking at those other games make me depressed lol.


PrimordialSoupBase3640d ago

Lord of the Rings Conquest is a re-skinned Dynasty Warriors, play the demo and see how far Pandemic has fallen.

Willio3640d ago

haha that was mean. Maybe LOR-Conquest prolli sell better in the Asia market.

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