PALGN Review: Valkyria Chronicles

Beautiful and unique, just like more games should be.

Valkyria Chronicles is the kind of game that makes a compelling argument for developers to push the envelope and make something unique. It successfully combines genres and pulls off real-time turn-based strategy on a console with aplomb. However, it's not only the game mechanics that come off but the whole presentation of the game can be truly described as beautiful. While there are a few aspects that could have been tightened, such as the AI and mission descriptions, these are far outweighed by everything that is done well and done differently. As mentioned, each mission is unique challenge and will give you a real work out. It may not be for everyone, but those who do appreciate this kind of game will be treated to a unique and memorable experience.

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meepmoopmeep3646d ago

simply awesomsauce, this game is

jjl3646d ago

I agree, what a rare gem. I wonder if its going to end up like Valkyrie Profile, fetching for high prices on ebay.