GamersInfo Review - Ninjatown

GamersInfo writes: "Ninjatown is a new tower defense game in which you play as 'Ole Master Ninja and recruit cute and cuddly ninjas to defend Ninjatown and the Ninja Star Cookie Recipe from the evil Mr. Demon and his Devils. In each mission you are briefed by Ninja Consultant and the occasional Ninja Pupil and the situation. As 'Ole Master you gain the ability to use 'Ole Master Powers to startle your ninjas, blow wind to hold back Mr. Demons army of devils or even fry your enemies with a magnifying glass! Nearly every map has its own feature, from cannons to multiple roads or even new ninjas and devils.

In the beginning, a horde of devils start rushing toward Ninjatown. The Mayor, being the silly person that he is, believes the devils should be welcomed with a ceremony and cookies. When 'Ole Master tells him Ninjatown must be defended and that he was going to go speak to Mr. Demon about the Devil Horde, the Mayor's strange new assistant tells him that 'Ole Master should lead the defenses while The Mayor is going to speak with Mr. Demon. This annoys 'Ole Master who stays to defend Ninjatown from the army of devils. He then travels across Ninjatown defending the city and chasing after the Ninja Star Cookie Recipe (after Mr. Demon stole it) while learning his 'Ole Master Powers and meeting new Ninja friends."

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