*SPOILER* Prince of Persia 5 will continue from Prince of Persia 4's ending

It looks like Ubisoft wants to repeat the Sands of Time Trilogy success formula by making Prince of Persia 5 to follow up on the new storyline. A Prince of Persia 4 cliff-hanger ending paves the way for a another game in the series, with an achievement confirming "the story has only just begun..."

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Bubble Buddy3639d ago

But the prince has to take a break first and find some treasure in Uncharted 2 :). Seriously though, I didn't like to hear Drake's modern voice in Prince of Persia. >.<

PirateThom3639d ago

I just made the game into an Uncharted prequel. The voice is distinct, but also quite distracting because that is Drake's voice, so I had to make the Prince an ancestor of Nate.

morganfell3639d ago

I don't usually trade games in. I have only done that 3 times ever. Today became number 4. The game is a stinker. No risk = no gain. Also the Prince is the one carrying darkness around on his shoulders. But not in this game. The happy go lucky approach is gold in Uncharted. It doesn't work for the Prince of Persia.

That's Prince of Persia

That's Prince of Persia

That's Prince of Persia.

I don't know what I traded in today but it wasn't Prince of Persia.

lsujester3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

What's funny is that I played Assassin's Creed first, and I was wondering when Desmond became this young Indiana Jones kind of character.

But seriously, go check out the guy's IMDB listing.. he does A LOT of voicework.

Sevir043639d ago

the prince is so ps2 xbox. good for those who enjoy the game.

rroded3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

lol your right but pop on ps2 was pretty epic this new ibe aint so hot... i wish theyd done it right like something open world much bigger with tons of fighting... Instead of this hold your hand cant die all scripted one on one fights with the same small handful of enemies with endless backtracking thru the same old map run jump swing along the same super linear paths over n over again...
Not giving us an ending on top of all that really sucks...
Actually cant wait to trade it in...

Forbidden_Darkness3639d ago

i notcied that a month or two back when the tropies were revealed for the game...

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The story is too old to be commented.