GTAHQ: The Potential Future of GTA and it's Legacy

GTAHQ: What era will the next GTA take place in ? The 80's? No. The 90's? No. The years the game is released ? Yes. Let me explain why I´m so sure about this. GTA IV's great thing was the time it was set in. It was also it's bad thing. When you run around in a 2007/2008 Liberty City, you can relate to it better since it happens in the present, modern cars, clothes, and architechtural surroundings. That's good. What is bad then ? It's simple, really.

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Peter Griffin3642d ago

Long read but it seems me and the author shares a lot of the same views

rockleex3642d ago

Vice City next, that's if they follow the same order as last gen.

They will most likely choose a different ethnicity that hasn't been done on GTA before.

Chinatown Wars could lead up to what happens in GTAV. If true, the protagonist wouldn't be a character from Chinatown Wars. He'll be a new character that gets thrown into the middle of all the trouble.

But the thing is, if they do Vice City, then its not likely that an Asian will be the protagonist.

jammy_703642d ago

what they shud do is a nxt gen san andreas like game with more activities, games and more of a variaty of missions than gta4 more jet packs and stuff, and must have PLANES!!!!!

TIKUP3642d ago

I really wishthey went back to the 80s! I really do, Vice vity still is the best GTA game for me and i dont care about the in depth creation in san andreas, vice city felt right and the soundtrack was immense with the 80s vibe to it

Hydrolex3642d ago

San Andreas is AWESOME ! lots of variations and lots of stuff to do

Shadow Man3642d ago

I'm sure it will fit on DVD9.

CobraKai3642d ago

I want GTA to go the future. Either Blade Runner like or a futuristic retro 80's like Back to the Future 2.

Cajun Chicken3642d ago

Put the gameplay from GTA2 into a modern day context.

N4M3L3553642d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself. Flying cars and hoverboards FTW!

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