Why Xbox 360 is beating Playstation 3 Currently in this Console War?

Xbox Has 3 Secrets To There Success Against PS3
find out in this article

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Nathan Drake3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )


Once the Ps3 has its price cut next year,we'll see how well the 360 does then :)

mboojigga3643d ago

We keep moving that line.

Peter Griffin3643d ago

ppl tend to forget that MS was supposed to be ANNIHILATING the ps3 in every catergory.

I dont like talkin about the future (sayin quotes such as: a price cut and the ps3 is goin to take over or wait til (insert game here) comes out)

All ima say is the 360 was suppose to be wrying about the Wii and the ps3 was suppose to be non existent.

WTH happened?

Doctor_Doom3643d ago

Nathan Drake is the new VGcharts =P

Time Lord3643d ago

oh if someone didnt already know, the sky is blue.

KingME3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

What the hell are you talking about and where did you get this "the 360 was suppose to be wrying about the Wii and the ps3 was suppose to be non existent."

Did you already forget the PS brand was the king of the hill last gen and inorder to be the champ you need to beat the champ. So, the 360 should have and has always been focusing on the PS3.

No one thought the wii would kick both of their arses.

So your theory is utter BS!

Danja3643d ago

The only factor is price if the PS3 was in the same price range as the 360 obviously it would have been a different scenario

xwabbit3643d ago

Anyways PS3 is doing awesome, in 2 years they have sold 17 million while xbox 360 sold 13 mill in the same time frame

N4360G3643d ago

Price,games and advertising.The PS3 is still to expensive for some people to afford.There are plenty of quality titles out for the PS3 at the moment,but people want more quality titles.All SONY has to do is advertise the PS3 and it's exclusives and they will do good next year.

poeo3643d ago

and ps3 hasnt even been out 2 years in Europe yet, not even close really.

Peter Griffin3643d ago

first off, im talkin about this gen, last gen is ova so lets adjust. 2ndly, the quote "the 360 was suppose to be wrying about the Wii and the ps3 was suppose to be non existent." is from the mouths of 360 advocates everywhere. The bit part about the Wii is subjective at most, but the idea and ideal was that the 360's head start and cheaper price was constituted as an automatic win for the 360.

And i neva said ppl knew that the Wii was goin to kick everyones arse, i said the Wii, it being at the top spot, was suppose to be a caliber MS shouldve focused on instead of the ps3 who was "SUPPOSED" to be gone wit the wind.

My point remains, MS and fans alike boasted throughout 06-07 about how the ps3 was superfulous in the gaming market. Now the story is how the 360 is only a few baby steps ahead of the ps3.

utter bs? or misinterpretation

freeblue3643d ago

people really need to write an article about why xbox beats ps3 in sales?? really??

but sony needs to drop the damn price for ps3 and ps2. (i already have a ps3).. but my bro ps2 broke two months ago. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for ps2 to drop. but com'on. I won't replace a 130 ps2 when I can just buy a xbox360 arcade for 200. I really hate sony for putting out bundle after bundle instead of dropping the price.

ARBitrator3643d ago

"Now the story is how the 360 is only a few baby steps ahead of the ps3."

Well dude, I will have to go with utter BS on your part.

At the end of '06 the 360 led the PS3 by about 6.7 million units.
At the end of '07 the 360 led the PS3 by about 7.02 million units
now at the end of '08 the 360 is leading the PS3 by approx 7.67 million units.

I really don't know what you interpret to be baby steps, but from where I'm standing you need to take bigger steps. Don't get me wrong I think the PS3 is a great machine, but you are just talking BS right now with no basis to back up your talk. That's why I call "Utter BS"

I have to agree with kingme on that one.

From nov 06 to dec 08, the 360 has actually increased it's lead over the PS3 World wide by 946,996 units.

Now with that being said, I am using vgcharts year end numbers, so take it for what it's worth. At least I am using someone's numbers, you aren't using any numbers, you're just talking smack.

Dannagar3643d ago

@Nathan Drake

Yet another wait and see comment. This is the Playstation 3's third Christmas and the Xbox 360's forth. How many more years must we hear "Wait and See"?

SixZeroFour3643d ago

ONCE the ps3 gets its price cut...but when exactly is that going to happen? this isnt from facts or anything, but i dont think sony can afford to cut the price of the ps3 right now or even for a while, MS and the 360 on the other hand has made a profit on the 360's sold now which is why they can afford to cut the price all willie nillie

if ps3 price was what the 360's price is now, it would dominate...well thats "like" saying "the 360's would dominate the ps3's if the RRoD issue never happened"...well the price ISNT what the 360's price is and the RRoD DID happen, so we'll never know

littletad3643d ago

Better online, better infrastructure in Live, better advertising, slightly better games (at the moment altogether) and achievements.

And please don't argue with the "better games". Yes, the ps3 won highest rated games this year, but the 360 still has more since it released first. And ps3 has trophies, but the 360 having them since day one is an advantage.

kewlkat0073643d ago

Unless you have short-term mem, it's the opposite, the Xbox 360 w is still the underdog and Sony's PS3(and it's brand name even selling without games) when it debuted in 2006, was suppose to finish MS off.

MNicholas3643d ago

Price is the only reason why the 360 currently has higher sales. How do we know this? By asking a simple question.

If the 360 was the same price ($399) as the PS3, which would have higher sales?

DaTruth3643d ago

This is the explanation for Sony not dropping the price. They were already pissed when the PS3 was the cheapest Bluray player and nobody was buying standalones. So Sony had to agree to give them a year at the lower pricepoint. Imagine, Bluray player $279, PS3 $299; We all know how that would play out! Just my guess and MHO.

Megatron083643d ago

hiphopps3fanboy actually said something nice about the 360 ?

Sergeant Osiris3643d ago

"1.1 - Wow
We keep moving that line."

no, that's what I would call M$ cutting the price TWICE in one year because the PS3 was starting to pound it into submission inside the sales octagon.

omodis4203643d ago

You don't know for sure it's getting a price cut. It would seem logical, but you can't just go around stating that as fact.

Lifendz3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

If you want to be taken seriously can you at least try to use periods and capital letters? Your articles have almost no punctuation at all. The fact that your articles read like something a kid in preschool wrote is only going to hold you back. Maybe take a class at Queens College or something.

pixelsword3642d ago


Microsoft is heads and shoulders above the PS3 in advertising, which gives is the favorable position over the PS3.

Microsoft is so dominant in advertising, that no one hardly ever talks about the Wii, which is actually leading the console war.

Granted, Nintendo and Sony already made a name in the gaming industry so they don't have to advertise much, but Microsoft is making sure they take full advantage of their arrogance.

Microsoft is the king of great console advertising, and anyone who says otherwise it a fanboy and an moron.

They support their games, they support their 3rd party developers, and they make sure a game is known, even if it gets bad critic ratings (which means poop).

Sony sucks and is pathetic in their gimped form of advertising. Always has. Even when they were advertising, they were making commercials about girls with jacked-up heads and commercials with racist undertones.

The newer company they have to do their advertising can't do any worse, but you never know.

To me, that's the biggest factor in Microsoft's dominance over the PS3.

And well done, Microsoft.

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LittleBigKillzone3643d ago

Price.. Its common sense. If you think about it the 360 sales overall are a bit underwhelming.. Ok if the 360 supposedly has "teh best gamez everrrr" and "teh best online in the whole wide world" why is it only up by 7 million consoles when it had a year head start with no competition whatsoever?! The PS3 has sold more in its first 2 years then the 360 has and that was with very fierce competition from both MS and nintendo and and a significantly higher price point. I guarantee if the PS3 and 360 came out at the same time, the PS3 would have ATLEAST a 10 million console lead worldwide or more because they would have been the same price by now with PS3 having the better games.

Once the PS3 hits the $299.99 mark for the 80Gb, you will then see the sales pick up big time

ChampIDC3643d ago

Yeah, since both consoles have a great selection of games now, price is just about the only thing holding the PS3 back.

Better online service might help the PS3, but it is free after all, so that in itself makes it equal to Live in my eyes(some might argue PSN is better due to it being free and just about as good, but I very much enjoy my cross-game chat). You get what you pay for in that sense. More features = more money out of your pocket in Live's case.

If Sony can get the price cut, they'll start catching up to the 360 much faster.

jadenkorri3643d ago

ya, arguments go, the 360 has 25 millions consoles out while ps3 has 17-18 million, not sure where exactly it is right now, 360fans keep throwing out numbers, but never take into acc that the 360 been out for 1 year earlier... My personal favorite was the most retarded article from cnet about dark knight sales comparing dvd to blu ray, and that blu ray sold like 1.7 million something compared to dvd which sold 13 something million copies and makes an unimaginable conclusion that blu ray is not the next format.. Bluray being out only 2 years while dvd been out for how long 10-15, with a dvd player in average in every freaking home in the world, but yet blu ray is suppost to outsell dvd...sorry fanboys, i know your grasping at straws...keep grabbing, maybe you'll be right someday...

Hutch23553643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

If you really want to compare what is going on you need to think of it this way. Playstation brand dominated last 2 generations. So the fact that the 360 is outpacing them, by a few million is a huge story. The Ps3 was supposed to be the next step in sony's gaming domination. It would be like windows 95 was best, then the next gen win 98 was best and so on, then all of the sudden, linux or apple or someone came out and took over the top spot when windows 7 or whatever comes out. That was the type of grip that sony had on the gaming industry, just look at last gen numbers. So what the 360 is doing, even if it loses by a few percentage points, would be all that msoft was really hoping for. The fact that they are winning is huge. Just my two cents.

Edit: Also, if you say "well the ps3 hasn't been out as long, think how many more units they will have to sell to catch up to a 5-7 million unit gap. It would take at least 5 years of them selling more, but I am not sure that will happen. And if the 360 sold 13 million in 2 years, that means they have almost doubled that since then, I don't think the ps3 will do that either.

Lifendz3643d ago

that's why 360 isn't putting up PS2 numbers. That's why, even at 199, the 360 isn't dominating the PS3 worldwide. It's only price.

Online? Please. 360 may have a great online service but so does PS3. I doubt that's the make or break factor for people when choosing PS3 or 360.

It came out first...possibly, but 360 had a very weak launch. It wasn't until Gears that people went gah gah over it. And then Halo 3 dropped and the 360 was solidified as a the US at least.

Now, with Gears 2 done and Halo 4 rumored to be a launch game for the next Xbox, 360 is sorta like it's best days are behind it.

PS3 is poised for a takeover. Don't believe me? Look at the games to come for both systems and tell me who's lineup looks better.

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BillGatesMom3643d ago

Screw your opinion
We are all a little fed up with the negative opinions towards the Ps3. The ps3 has been out for 2 years now.. There has been NOTHING BUT NEGATIVE press and its still sold 20 million... So do yourself a favor shut your mouth and stop turning gamers away from games because at this point thats all we are doing...

No one seems to point out

1) Microsoft Console rate which they denied FACT
2) Microsoft stating HDMI was not needed FACT
3) Microsoft saying 1080p was not needed FACT

Why not go have an opinion on that?

So take your garbage article and shove it along with all the rest... I love to see the Ps3 is making it and there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone agreed the longer this console war went on the more likely the Ps3 would have the upper hand... We all told you about multiple discs, we told you the cell was powerful when coded probably, and we told you hard drives were needed. No one wanted to listen..

3 years later what has the 360 actually done? Blown through exclusives all that have major glitches FACT. A console that will break regardless what version you have FACT. An online service that honestly is not worth 59.99 OPINION.

So keep on writing these stupid articles from horrible writers and ill keep spamming the heck out of everything and anything until people listen...

What will M$ say once Killzone 2 looks better than Gears 2? What will XBox user say?

Xbox = a horrible horrible machine..

My advice: Buy a good PC and play the games with a 360 controller, not only does it look better but its also free....

Oh and dont even TRY to downplay God of War... It honestly makes you all look pathetic. God of War is one of the best games this generation FACT...

Bye Bye until your next negative article... be gone.

wicked3643d ago

I get the feeling you don't like the xbox. Be a gamer and chill.

Doctor_Doom3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

lol you are wasting to much energy for something silly

Why don't you go outside and start a friendship instead of creating Accounts lol

BTW find a better place to live. Your mom's Basement look like Sh!t

SONYSLAVE3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

hey i saw jukken in there with some weird looking asian guy in the same basement in a photo

I love it how it just eats at the PS fans hahahahahahahahahahah

Why o why3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

it wasnt that way in NA the 360's home turf, something happened called a pricecut and we're still yet to get the official figures for Europe and the rest of the world. Judging by the top tens in europe it seems the ps3 may well be ahead there or the non NA attach rate just doesnt apply there...take your pick. Obviously asia is a no brainer but kudos to MS for seriously establishing themselves this gen. It wont be enough to win the hd battle imo but they are officially here to stay and thats good for the industry as sony have had to pull their fingers out and scrap.

X-Mas and holiday bubbles for you all, ho ho ho to you and yours even you bladestar;)

sinncross3643d ago

how many times a day do we need these articles...