DEN Review: Legendary

DEN writes: " Kenny Rogers tells us "you gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away." Such sage advice is of great use when considering Legendary, a game that should have been held through the holidays for improvements and fixes. Instead, it's the kind of shooter that needs to be folded. An assortment of shortcomings including poor controls and numerous bugs make it a game that deserves to be walked out on."

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Bladeslayer3642d ago

except i would give it a 4 i got stuck on debris in the demo playing against the minotaur on hard it was very frustrating and the controls were so how do i put it not clunky lets put it this way i thought the problem was my controller until i figured out it was the in game controls that were at fault i like the enemies but the character models suck and the dialogue is horrible trust me if i were to see one of my buddies get tossed by a minotaur like that i would be screaming my ass off instead of saying minotaur,minotaur like some kind of bot what a waste of unreal engine.