LittleBigPlanet: Build an old-school game Pt. 1

CVG writes: "Finally PlayStation 3 has an iconic character that can proudly snuggle up to fat plumbers and ink-dipped hedgehogs and ask, 'Is that all you are?'

Oh, he can afford to be a smug bastard alright, because Sackboy doesn't just have one identity - he can be anything you choose to make him. And more than that, he doesn't represent the rigidity of a platformer that will be farmed out, again and again, for decades.

Sackboy isn't about his game, he's about yours and when we saw what he could do on Little Big Planet our first thought was 'Well that's the end for Mario and Sonic.' Our second was, 'Hang on one moment there, doesn't this mean that we can re-create some classic games using virtual craft shop materials and digital glue?' Yes we can. Kind of."

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