Media Create Sales: 12/15 - 12/21 (Hardware)

DSi 204,100
PSP 146,000
Wii 131,000
DSL 50,300
PS3 39,100
X360 12,900
PS2 8,700

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RPG Guy3644d ago

Is that the audience for Dissidia was already built into the current install base, aside from the 146,000 who bought one. Nothing too unordinary. We've seen it with all consoles/handhelds before.

Solid sales again for the PS family in Japan, Nintendo dominates everywhere and the 7 year old PS2 continues to give 360, with a now boatload of JRPGS, a run for its money.

Nathan Drake3644d ago

Like I said before,unless FF14 is a X720 exclusive,the Xbox brand is going nowhere in Japan.

That's the cold hard truth.

testerg353644d ago

Well actually it has grown a lot compared to the beginning of the year. The 360 use to hover around 1700-3000, while the PS3s were around 7k-10k. So both have been selling about 3x what they use to.

Foxgod3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I remember when the ps3 did 10 k a week, and everybody said it was good, now the ps3 does 30k, and the 360 does 10k, and all of a sudden 10k sux ?

Why o why3644d ago

i remember when the ps3 was ahead in NA in 2008 sales and now the ps3 needs saving you're right, strange init

ThatCanadianGuy3644d ago

Foxgod.10K during christmas time is not good.

PotNoodle3644d ago

Because however much i want the PS3 to do well, i can't see it doing that good in EU and NA over christmas due to the price.

I can see the 360 selling double the PS3 in NA over xmas and the wii selling uhm, 5x the 360? :P

In EU 360 and PS3 may be near enough but the 360 will edge over it, wii will obviously dominate once again.

ultimolu3644d ago

During Christmas dear, during Christmas.

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eagle213644d ago

Happy Holidays to ALL on N4G!

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The story is too old to be commented.