Star Ocean 4: Seventy New Screenshots, Site Revamp

SCRAWL: "I'm really going to feel this one in the morning. Square Enix have revamped the official website for tri-Ace's upcoming Xbox 360 RPG, Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Along with the site revamp, they've upgraded every screenshot on the site to high-resolution. I've taken the liberty of ripping every screenshot into 720p and getting it into our gallery. A few of them are old, but for the most part, they're new. There's seventy of them, so you shall enjoy. Hit the gallery for the screenshots."

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SAiOSiN3618d ago

These look ok...i just noticed something funny about them. Some of the screens have like a failed combo or attack execution, and they write failure within the game. Possible prediction of how the game will turn out? lol just teasin...