50 Christmas Wii Flip-Outs Make You Hate Nintendo, Holidays, Children, The World

John Herman from Gizmodo writes:

"Remember Nintendo 64 kid? Apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg. Much kudos if you can sit through this whole video without weeping, returning everyone's gifts or scheduling a vasectomy."

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Skyyo3640d ago


the lsat one is the best.

SiLeNt KNighT3639d ago

the first ones the most irritating and the last ones the best

meepmoopmeep3639d ago

the funny thing is my daughter doesn't even want a Wii
she says it's not hardcore and for wussies


PS3 Blu-Ray NOT dead3639d ago

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas :(

We are all Catholic Christians (I personally am Agnostic) but we just don't celebrate Christmas. It's just like a normal Wednesday and Thursday right now.


ThichQuangDuck3639d ago

His mom tells him people couldnt find wiis so they were killing themselves I Rofled because no one wants to miss all those great games

kwicksandz3639d ago

I remember when i got my 64 with mario 64. I flipped out like that too =P

And the last video sucked. He should ebay that sucker ASAP!

ChickeyCantor3639d ago

Meepmoop, how old is she?
I mean she must have got it from someone right?

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ChickeyCantor3639d ago

actually my nephew got a 360...he is 12....

PotNoodle3639d ago

At least some people will enjoy them.

poeo3639d ago

oh well.. i'll just watch it and laugh.

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The story is too old to be commented.