Sony Explains 'PlayStation Home' Clubs, Vanishing Virtual PSP

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"I've been confused about a couple of things regarding PlayStation Home, the free virtual world now available to all PlayStation 3 users, so I recently shot the Sony public relations department a pair of basic questions.

I wanted to better understand the point of the Clubs option (this was before I discovered this excellent FAQ about it). And I wanted to know what happened to the virtual PSP, which had initially been presented as the interface Home users would operate to manage their time in the virtual world but has been replaced with a generic virtual gadget."

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sinncross3646d ago

Maybe they took out the PSP because they're thinking of extending HOME to the PSP as well, and maybe the whole idea of ur avatar holding a PSp while your playing home with a psp, a lil weird.

though home shud come to the psp!!!! obviously with lower graphics and maybe taking out the posters and vids (so the cache space wont be like 3 gigs)

Dir_en_grey3646d ago

I was in the beta when the PSP interface was still there.
I mean, PSP interface is pretty much the PS3 interface which anybody who used either one (You have to, if u are on Home) will feel right at home =P

Having the PSP in Home and actually feel like u r using it, is like owning anything else for free in Home, it kicks ass!!

So 1 vote from me to bring back the PSP interface.

Johnny Rotten3646d ago

they should just have different skins so you can pick what you want it to be. Then again that would be a premium and cost ya $2.50. lol

CViper3646d ago

easier to just navigate.. it should be an option for the user though.

Theo Paphitis3646d ago

Clubs ftw. I heard Killzone 2 will support clubs, you can plan matches in Killzone 2 already, then it gets exported to the bulletin board for clans to view, and you can also arrange them online either through KZ2 website or the new "HomeBook" website that's going to be revealed. "HomeBook" will be out soon.

rockleex3645d ago

2D version.

Or 3D world 2D avatar sprites.

Or 2D world 3D avatars.

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NewScratch3646d ago

for some reason the new interface looks kinda iphone-ish. i wonder if that thing is a future sony touch phone...

TheMART3646d ago


So far for free home

Starting a club costs 5 bucks. Then in the agreement you have with Sony on PSN/Home, a member can get have their credit card getting payments from 31 march 2009 as is stated.

Just read it through in the shop opening a club. XBL is a fixed amount, but you know exactly what it costs a year. Home will have several seperate costs, you're not able to keep track from constantly. I bet in the end you'll end up paying more for less. Because 5 tshirts and a few pants only to wear free in Home is lame. Thats the first you pay for. Then the club startup, Club subscription costs, that HDTV in your own appartment to view your trophies and other stuff $8, the hottub in your appartment $9, the pooltable to play with your friends private $7 and I bet you even can pay for a girl in the room.


PirateThom3646d ago

Home has several costs, all of which are optional.

LeonSKennedy4Life3646d ago

Sony has to make money somehow. They aren't forcing us to do anything. The things that are only important to the elite fanboy are the things they're charging for. Ignorance will cost you and Sony is taking advantage of that.

Raoh3646d ago

i too miss the psp interface.

what looks weird is when you see another avatar holding that flat surface. the hands around the device dont look as natural as holding the psp did.

Bren863646d ago

I read an article a few weeks ago and sony claimed to have took the psp out because it was too confusing have two different xmbs on the ps3. I think they should of kept the psp but just changed the user interface onit.

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