Star Ocean: The Last Hope New Screenshots

New screenshots of Square-Enix's latest RPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope have been released.

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360 man3645d ago

yh i know terrible like ur girls face

3645d ago
3645d ago
ukilnme3645d ago

@ ThatCanadianguy420

As a PSWii60 supporter, I kindly ask that you STFU and take your trash comments to the open zone where most of your comments belong. You must be butt hurt that it has not been announced for the PS3 yet.

On topic, these pics don't look that great. Previous shots have looked much better.

ThatCanadianGuy3645d ago

lol wow,so many sensitive people in here.

I'm buying this day one for 360.
But that doesn't change the fact it looks terrible.Truth hurts.

Myst-Vearn3645d ago

yet you're buying it day one

makes sense.

ThatCanadianGuy3645d ago

Whats your point? What do graphics have to do with buying a game or not buying a game?

Beowulf the game has terrible graphics.But the gameplay's fun.
So i bought it.


RPG Guy3645d ago

And also join in on asking him to STFU. Contradictions and backtracking only point you out as the fanboy you are mate. And yes, as a PS360, PSP-DS gamer, I too, unbiased, don't need to put up with your constant anti-anything-not-Sony-Related BS in every news post here on N4G.

Getting it on your 360 my a$$.

ThatCanadianGuy3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

LOL! look at you people.Foaming at the mouth over someone else's opinion.

My're like those kids in pre-school crying and throwing a temper tantrum.

"I applaud the hypocricy of my fellow Canadian"

What "hypocricy"? It's spelled hypocrisy by the way..

Hypocrisy is 360 man saying my Girlfriend has an ugly face,while he has the avatar of a deformed demonic-faced freak.

These screenshots look terrible compared to the other ones we've seen.
Thats all i said.What the hell is wrong with you people?
Do you all lack common sense or what?

RAF-TECH3645d ago

looks like a PS3 game.


WUD-UP my fellow canadian

gaffyh3644d ago

These screens don't make the game look good. It looks a little better than the Last Remnant (hopefully it doesn't have the same problems as that game).

And hopefully it isn't crappy like Infinite Undiscovery (one reason alone not to play that game is those stupid annoying kids Rico and Rucha, they just piss me off)

Daurelus173644d ago

its very colorful but i screen shots don't like that good. the characters looks good but then that's it.

RPG Guy3644d ago

I messed up on a letter.

Sorry ThatCanadianFanboy. My bad.

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mintaro3645d ago

Looks okay, others looked better though.

Common Sense3645d ago

but the environments need more work and they 3 months to do it.

SaiyanFury3645d ago

Why are people saying the environments need work? You can barely see any of the environments in the screenshots, most of the view is either of the characters or the action on screen. I wasn't aware that the floor constituted an "environment" per say because that's pretty much the environment that you can see in any of those shots. The game looks good to me so far.

Foxgod3645d ago

Those are battleshots mostly, and star ocean never had much environment in the battles.
Not on the psone, not on the snes, not on the psp and not on the ps2 either.

However outside of the battles there is plenty of environment.

Sonyslave33645d ago

i seen better screen shot

Lord Xire3645d ago

Seems like there's a glare on all the pics that blocks out the detail and contrast of this game.

This game is freaking amazing looking graphically..these Screenshots are FAIL.

Just watch the NEW trailer in HD on YouTube straight off of Square Enix's Youtube Channel and you'll see the greatness.

Sonyslave33645d ago

the game look awesome in motion

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