Do you have the Call of Duty: World at War glitch? reports that a dangerous Call of Duty: World at War glitch is found. If you come across this glitch your save file will be corrupted and you can start all over again. Click on read more for more details about this glitch and to find out how you can evade this bug.

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trpride3640d ago

I had this bug, really irritating

tatotiburon3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

yes i had it, but you don't have to start all over again, only the level you were before the bug, the only thing you lost is the checkpoints. That is for xbox 360 version, i don't know what happen in inferior version of PS3.

LeonSKennedy4Life3639d ago

It was only inferior because Treyarch ported it from the 360.

IW ported the PS3 version of COD4 down to the 360 and the PS3 version looked better.

It just depends on which system it starts out on. Regardless, CODWaW is inferior to Resistance 2.

TIKUP3639d ago

how does it happen,just random is it?? Because im getting it tommorro for xmas and i dont want curropt data!!!

PrimordialSoupBase3639d ago

Happened with Call of Duty 2 also, it's a signature staple of the series I guess! -__-

crillyconlig3639d ago

.......during a veteran level, wasnt too pleased

Qbanboi3639d ago

Same here. I was playing it on Veteran went to sleep and when i wanted to play it again, it told me i had to start the whole lvl again. I was so piss.

Venomish3639d ago

it happened to me too in veteran level, I was the sniping mission, check point right before you assassinate amsel. I spent a lot of time trying to get the first sniper in the level. Now I dont know when I'm going back again to the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.