Left 4 Dead Covers Censored In Japan As Well...

Kotaku: At least one of the German Left 4 Dead covers features an edited hand - complete with extra finger. Japan is getting not one, but two edited covers.

Both the Japanese Xbox 360 version and the PC version of Left 4 Dead are shipping with edited covers. The Xbox 360 version (above) has an edited finger, while the PC one (below) features a "Best of E3" label over the missing digit.

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ReBurn3641d ago

It's good that they did that, because I'm sure that nobody's ever seen anyone with a missing appendage before. You just don't see that in real life.

Translation: Stupid censorship.

DarkBlood3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

2.3 because sex is a naturall thing except the thing? and what 2.2 said made me puke by the way thanks alot lol

whoops sorry Reburn wrong spot on this place

TheROsingleB3641d ago

They censor boxart like this, however they have some of the most ridiculous and lewd pornography in the world...

zagibu3641d ago

You think the guys that censor boxart produce pornography as well? I don't think so...

Legionaire20053641d ago

Japanese porn is filled with anime porn with little high school girls and etc. And not to mention the dirty scat porn that is over there!!! Yeah people really do that around the world including Germany LOL!!!

LeSouteneur3641d ago

Actually they even censor their pornography.