Prince Goes Unnoticed

The producer of the Prince series Ben Mattes says that his game should have been praised more for taking creative risk. Stating: "We set out to keep a few core fundamentals but to re-imagine everything else, discarding some very well entrenched ideas not only about the brand but also about videogames in general,"

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FreestyleBarnacle3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Am I alone in not buying anything in the run up to Christmas. People have enough trouble getting anything for me before I start buying it all for myself.
Either way I for one will probably be playing this in the new year. Will that be a good form of recognition Mr. Mattes?

InMyOpinion3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

The repetitive gameplay of this game is indeed quite revolutionary.

Like with Assassin's Creed Ubisoft Montreal have created something that feels unique for the first 10 minutes and then copy+pasted it until the DVD/Blu-Ray disc was full. The only difference was that Assassin's Creed looked better(put them side to side and you'll notice that PoP's environments look desolate, lack AC's detail and have blocky wall textures as well) and actually had more varied gameplay.

I hope the team behind PoP isn't the same team that's making the next Splinter Cell.

sunnygrg3643d ago

I, for one, believe its a nice game, although the controls could use some tweaks. Between this, R2, L4D, LBP, I am in heaven ;)

InMyOpinion3643d ago

The jumping sequences can feel cheap since you can get the prince to do most of his spectacular moves only by pressing A and B(360 controls). I even let go of the analogue sticks sometimes.

The fighting isn't much better. Later into the game the enemies(enemy? It's always the same opponent) starts blocking all your strikes and goes in to shadow every 2 seconds, which pretty much takes away the ability to do string combos.

yanikins1113642d ago


The different states only effect the first strike.

Ive found Elika, Gauntlet, Elika, Elika, Gauntlest, Elika, Prince to be pretty sick combo.

NaiNaiNai3642d ago

man you people are pathetic. if you dont like the game STFU. i mean really, i played this one, and i really enjoyed it, all the way to the end......twice if you want to know. the game was fun, its not different then any other game, people go, well its repetative....yea well so is every other game. MGS, halo, LBP, MARIO, everything, why, MGS kill hide. halo shoot the enemy, LBP its a platformer simple enough, same for mario. you people are pathetic. well the old prince was better. yea and you had to do the same stuff in this one,

well you cant die, yes but just like the old PoP when you fall off your set back to the last checkpoint, and trust me at the end of the game, the distance between the jump sections gets pretty long.

mfwahwah3642d ago


I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that there was an Opinion Police Force out there.

NaiNaiNai3642d ago

no, its just im tired of poeple bashing a good game. and when someone comes up with a week reason like repetative its just stupid. so im going to say this

go hang yourself no one wants to hear your negative comments, or go cut yourself, but we all know you wont cause your to much of a panzy, thats why you troll.

The Lazy One3642d ago

Unless they were in the top tier of games, they got way overlooked. There were so many great games this holiday for all platforms.

Specifically PoP launched behind LBP and Resistance on PS3 and GoW and L4D on 360 AND CoD, far cry, mirror's edge, end war and fallout on both platforms.

Pretty much everything that wasn't fallout, CoD, or exclusive got looked over because people don't want to buy 10 games in a month. GLAD I RENT!

Cheeseknight283642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I don't see why you hold this game up so much. I mean, it's nice for about 20 minutes, then everything runs together. I watched my friend play, and every time I glanced at the screen he seemed to be doing the exact same thing. Whether it be scaling the 100th wall, killing the 100th enemy in the same fashion, or restoring yet another chunk of land that has a mysterious lack of people, it always seemed to be the exact same thing over and over and over again. When my friend was on the map screen scanning over all the levels, I could only ask: "You have to play through the same thing that much?"

Don't even get me started on the story.
Elika: "Don't come with me, I don't want you getting involved."
Prince: "I think I'll go anyway."
Elika: "Ok, I won't ever tell you not to get involved again. Lets go heal a land where nobody even lives."

I'll probably borrow it for him, just to see if there is something else buried under the interesting graphics, but I definitely wouldn't recommend spending more than $25 on it.

On-topic: If they wanted people to notice it, they shouldn't have released it after a zillion other amazing games and right before the holidays. Either delaying it till February or releasing it in September would have gathered more sales.

Bubble Buddy3642d ago

I saw HMV at Canada flyer that Prince of Persia's going to be $29.99 on boxing day. Same with Gears 2, LBP, SSBB. Might want to look into it.

StephanieBBB3642d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

It feels like a super mario sunshine/assassins creed clone but with prince of persia pasted over it, but instead of keeping all the trash mobs which gave those games alittle diversity they threw em out and replaced em with only boss fights which you kill in the exact same way every single time.

Imagine the movie dark knight if they had batman fighting the joker in the beginning and then after 15 mins they took the first fight and copy pasted it so they did the same fight all over again and 15 mins after that they did the same fight over and over again. IT WOULDN'T BE AN FRIGGING OPTION SO WHY IN THE HELL DID THEY DO IT IN THIS GAME???

Seriously my mind just explodes when I play this game because of how repetetive it is. I wish someone at ubisoft could just stand up and say "hey f*ckas we need to change our direction with this game, it's going to blow if we don't".


You just killed your credibility for me. What ever your saying im gonna go with the opposite from now on.

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Fishy Fingers3643d ago

pfft... Far as I'm concerned it should of been more criticism over their choice of story structure. Worst ending ever...

Nice art direction, but little else to write home about.

InMyOpinion3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Agree. Also, I thought the dialogue was too cliché and 'Disney' to fit with the PoP theme. While the princess plays the role of prude and serious, the prince is sarcastic Mr.Duderino. It's like the story writers were afraid to take the Prince of Persia universe seriously. "Let's make it slapstick"...

Imagine playing Dead Space and have Isaac sarcastically go "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" when your in the heat of battle. The horror...

hay3642d ago

Worst ending ever? Damn. Worse than Crysis'? Which is my personal biggest disappointment ever based on people's opinion, ratings and hype(game and ending, music was ok, Inon Zur).

ChefDejon3642d ago

the ending gave me mixed feelings. i wouldnt say it was bad though

Sarcasm3642d ago

Worst ending ever? I'm sorry but for me it goes to Gears of War 2. They managed to make the rest of the game more "Epic" than the ending.

locos853642d ago

In my opinion the award for worst ending ever goes to ..................... Fable 2's one hit wonder. That was the worst. The one hitter quitter.

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farhsa20083642d ago

thats what happens when so many games are released during the christmas period, i think many of the games would have benefited if they were released earlier or later.

Yipee Bog3642d ago

David Jaffe would agree as well. releasing a game with a history like this during Christmas is absurd. there should have been like a Feb. or Mar. release. people just play the other 50 games that come out at the same time.

BoneMagnus3642d ago

This game is a rental. I'm getting more frugal with my purchases, and I don't think I'll be getting 60 bones worth out of it.

I definitely want to play it - but it doesn't seem like a "must have in my collection so I can play it again and again title."

...Maybe 18 months from now when its $12.99 used at Gamestop...

ChampIDC3642d ago

I don't think it'll take long for this one to be cheap. It'll be getting traded in pretty frequently with lack of replay value.

va_bank3642d ago

I officially presnt PoP team with a "Nice Try/It's the effort that counts" award. Just don't cry, OK?

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