Seattle Times Interview: Keiji Inafune - Cultural hurdles to cross in gaming

Seattle Times: "Keiji Inafune, a noted Japanese game designer and head of Capcom's research and development, recently visited Airtight Games in Redmond. Here are excerpts of an interview where we talked about the globalization of the game industry and "Dark Void's" potential"

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CIO Caveman Trolls3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

Prepare for fangurls attak!

Wile3463d ago

*grabs some popcorn*

hay3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )


BTW, found it yesterday, funny sh*t:

(somewhere here should be image attachment)

Bnet3433463d ago

Nice to see Capcom and it's developers support the Xbox 360. Dead Rising is indeed a gem.

thereapersson3463d ago

LMAO @ hay

That is funny as all hell. I love those rage memes...

Doppy3463d ago

The 3 girls close together are hot.

rockleex3462d ago

Who would've known!!!

Whoever figured that out must be a genius! Lol.

Now, to post that in every Xbox360 article... :P

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y0haN3463d ago

I just bought Dead Rising so I can play it on my new 360 come Christmas day. Interesting read.


it is a really good game. can't wait for the part 2.

thereapersson3463d ago

I understand that the timer for the missions was there to fit in with the limited time the characters had to survive in the story, but the time-based missions still annoyed me.

That said, the game itself was a lot of fun.

MorganX3463d ago

I was never able to get the Hellacopter achievement :/

Chainsaws and the appropriate books are your friends ...

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Stryfeno23463d ago

Uh oh....Here comes the hate.

gamfreak3463d ago

It great that CAPCOM support 360 in japan, only by doing that would CAPCOM know they have made a terrible mistake.

TIKUP3463d ago

the game was alot of fun and cant wait for the new one, it better be on the ps3 aswell

Baka-akaB3463d ago

I just think it will be better over there because of a few spikes like in the past months ,everytime a major rpg get released ... but otherwise meh .

The Major test will be Star Ocean 4 ... no doubt it will sell a lot in japan , the question is , how many 360 will it sells ? It should logically bring the same kind of spikes than last remnant , vesperia and infinite undiscovery , only bigger .
But if MS is unlucky it might just sells to the current base , wich would be a good numbers , but still .

I think MS should have pushed to get FFXIII in japan as well . Sure it might have seemed suicidal , but imagine yourselves as one of the hesitating japanese players .. loyal to Sony and Nintendo to an extent , planning on getting a PS3 for FFXIII and white knight chronicle , but suddenly discovering that on a console that already got 4 major j rpg in a row (remnant , vesperia , discovery , star ocean) you can also get final fantasy ..
You sure would pick the "dark side" .

But now outside of tales and tri ace fans , some might just dismiss the console , and just go along their original ff plans .. and it's a missed opportunity and shame .

NaiNaiNai3463d ago

well games like last rem wouldnt really sell consoles since it was a new IP. i have a feeling SO4 will move alot of consoles, mainly cause its a really well trusted series in jap, its up there with the FF's.

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