Watch White Knight Chronicles Live

A live streaming video of Japanese gamer playing the anticipated White Knight Chronicles has appeared online, giving non-Japanese gamers a detailed look at the online mode.

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TOO PAWNED3639d ago

it would be nice if those geeks in chat room were able to STF for a few minutes! to much lag and pause, cant watch it rlly. But from what i saw a lot like FF12, little disappointed

Tidus113639d ago

Boss battles look epic! It has some similarities with ff12,but ff12 wasn't that bad. Besides the most dissapointing part of that game(FF12) was the story.

kwicksandz3638d ago

Looks like your right Too pawned. Perhaps this explains the mediocre reviews that the Japanese mags gave it, for not sticking to the standard JRPG formula.

I should really play ff12 again sometime, but i got to the 3rd city and lost interest..

Dragunov3639d ago

Watching it right now. I like it for now

INehalemEXI3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Looks great hope they do expansions to the online part via DLC once in awhile.

lol he got pwned by some savage mob.

Iraq Resistance ROM3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

the graphics is the best of all JRPGs so far.

does anyone knows when the media create or famitsu will release their hardware numbers for week 3 of december??


the sphere grid reminds me of FF10, its a bit similar and the game play looks like FF12(which is good, FF12 sucked at the story and summoning and events)

solidt123639d ago

The battle system looks really good. I can't wait to play this. Those are some big MF'ers.

Raoh3639d ago

so far so good online reminds me of FFXI meets EQOA.
Looks like ffxi but plays like eqoa. which is good for me. love both games.

ultimolu3639d ago

Looks nice so far but the sound was awful in that video. o_o

aco3639d ago

about the sound you just have to lower the Val..