GameOver: Grand Theft Auto IV PC Review

GameOver: "I've been dinking with this game for 10 days now, and that's enough, it's time to move on. I'm going back to Fallout 3, which incidentally is running just great. Congratulations, Rockstar, with my rating of 10% GTA 4 is officially the worst game I've ever reviewed, and only at 10% because I'd like to leave myself a little space for games in the future that might be worse. Worse even than The Dukes of Hazard: Racing for Home, which was an awful game in every way shape and form, but at least it ran."

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ape0073647d ago

gta 4 was a disappointment,it was like an 8 ot of 10 game,not a true classic gta

R should worked more,it's still like 50% finished