A.V. Club: Violet and Everybody Dies Review

A.V. Club: "The annual Interactive Fiction Competition has become a source of great new indie talent, and this year, its winners will appeal far beyond the text-adventure niche. Jeremy Freese's first-place finisher Violet casts the player as a graduate student struggling to finish his dissertation. The challenge? To sit down and write a thousand words in spite of a barrage of distractions. Along the way, you'll have an imaginary conversation with Violet, an almost cloyingly adorable redhead who whispers endearments in your ear as she coaxes you to start writing. Unfortunately, Violet has also laid down an ultimatum: If you don't finally make some headway on your doctorate, she's leaving you. The puzzles are smart but logical, and they fit thematically into the story: To finish the game, you'll have to reconsider-and risk wrecking-your career and your relationship, making the game's cutest quips bittersweet."

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