Taking Risks

Without stepping outside of the comfort zone, the medium of the videogame ill never experience true growth. Along with the usual fare, 2008 was a year of innovative and risky titles, but is Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes' desire for recognition justified?

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Droid Control3640d ago

... and yet, magazine like GamesTM and EDGE bashe dit on monor quibbles.

Couldnt they overlook these faults and see the wider picture? INNOVATION.

Mirror's edge was a bit too liner, and it was hash on the player. There was no safety net so to speak. But really, look at what it accomplished!

I'll be keeping Mirror's Edge for my collection. I'm just glad EA have decided to make a sequel - iron out those minor problems...

Because if EDGE and other reviewers had their way, we'd all be plkaying Mario till the end of days!

They say they want innovation, and yet when someone prodiuces it, they bash them over silly niggles.